Youtube Thumbnail Size & Practice 2021

Why it is important to optimize thumbnail size on Youtube?

In the era of visual communication, static posts and images are gradually being replaced by videos, clips, movies, GIFs, etc. It can be easily seen that Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … are giving priority to videos. It comes as no surprise that Youtube- a leading online video channel – attracts a large volume of users and viewers every day.

As YouTube gradually becomes one of the most effective advertising channels, how to optimize that tool is much concerned by many individuals and businesses. But in fact, to optimize a Youtube channel requires a lot of factors, and one of them is Youtube thumbnail (YouTube video thumbnail).

Well designed thumbnails and titles can attract more viewers to click on your channel, encourage them to watch through your videos because they know what to expect, and make your video content appealing for a wide range of advertisers.

Youtube Thumbnail Practice

First, thumbnail image must have a standard size and resolution. Youtube recommends that users use custom thumbnails:

  • Have a resolution at 1280 × 720 (with a minimum width of 640 pixels).
  • Uploaded in image format, such as .JPG, .GIF, .BMP or .PNG.
  • File size must be under 2 MB limit.
  • Try to use image with ratio 16: 9 as this is the most used ratio on YouTube previews and players.

Youtube Thumbnail Practice

Second, thumbnails must follow YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

The video will be restricted to viewers if the thumbnail is of a pornographic, violent nature or has inappropriate graphic images. In order to be able to download custom thumbnails, YouTube account must be a verified account.

thumbnails must follow YouTube

Third, to optimize your thumbnails, Youtubers need to pay attention to the following things when making a design:

  • Inspire and attract viewers images by images and setting video titles on Youtube Thumbnails.
  • Design eye-catching titles.
  • Avoid using sensational and misleading headlines.
  • An interesting, friendly Youtube Thumbnail but still remaining honest will be an advantage to raise  interest from potential customers.

optimize your thumbnails


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