What is GPU Scaling: Should I Use It for Gaming?

GPU Scaling will support you much when playing old game titles. This article will figure out What is GPU Scaling and how to enable it for gaming purposes.

In modern life with the development of technology, every gamer tends to play games that have high resolution and bring excellent watching experience. Therefore, some old games can annoy gamers since the images are blurred and many other serious problems.

Fortunately, GPU Scaling can deal with these issues quickly and easily. This article is going to explain what is GPU Scaling, how to enable it, and what are advantages and disadvantages of GPU Scaling.

What is GPU Scaling?

GPU scaling is a technology feature that allows you to adjust the ratio of a game based on the monitor’s resolution in order to supply high-quality images. You can just use GPU Scaling on AMD graphics cards

As we mentioned before, GPU scaling is specifically useful for old game titles with outdated aspect ratios, such as 4:3 or 5:4. The most common ratio now is 16:9 (other ratios are 21:9, 21:8, 14:10, 19:10). 

Therefore, it is necessary to change the outdated ratios to the common ratios to get the best watching experience. 

How to enable GPU Scaling?

In order to enable GPU scaling, you need to meet certain requirements. Otherwise, you can’t use this feature. Therefore, you should read carefully the list of requirements and make sure that you meet all of them before active GPU scaling.

  • Firstly, your computer system must have digital connectors such as HDMI, DVI, or Mini DisplayPort. 

  • Secondly, you need to set the newest driver for your graphics card.

  • Lastly, set the display mode of the screen to the fixed resolution as well as the refresh rate parameter, then tweak the screen brightness.

After finishing all the above steps, follow these steps below to enable GPU Scaling:

Step 1: Right-clicking on the desktop → AMD Radeon Settings

Step 2: On the AMD Radeon Settings window, choose the Display tap

Step 3: Click on GPU Scaling to turn it on

Step 4: After the GPU scaling is on, you can choose Scaling Mode to fit your demand and requirements

What are the advantages and disadvantages of GPU Scaling?


GPU scaling allows the videos to be played in different sizes of monitors without damaging the images. Here are benefits that GPU Scaling brings to gamers:

  • Maintain aspect ratio: even when you play the games in the entire screen mode, GPU scaling takes responsibility to keep the aspect ratio the same. Besides, it also covers the excess background with black bars.

  • Centre the image: This feature is very useful when the resolution of the original game is lower than the resolution of the monitor. 

  • Support playing game in the entire screen mode: The images will be stretched to fit the entire screen. However, it reduces the quality of images and the graphics become ugly. Although it is not recommended if you focus on the quality of the image, it is still an option and benefit of GPU scaling.


Besides several advantages that GPU Scaling gives to gamers, we can not ignore some drawbacks of it:

  • Input lag: When the GPU Scaling is active, it will take more time to process the images. Although the lagging time may not be acceptable with normal people, it would be totally different when it comes to playing games.

  • The quality of images and videos also can be affected negatively if you apply GPU Scaling in the entire screen mode. People who evaluate the watching experience would not appreciate it. 

If you’re a gamer who really concerns about how to play games with the highest performance and experience, remember the information in this article, especially the advantages and disadvantages of GPU Scaling.

Keep in mind that if you want to play the most demanding games, you need to equip yourself with the highest-quality computer system (including graphics cards, CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Storage, PSU, and so on).

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