What Is Discord Streamer Mode and How It Protects Your Stream?

If you often worry about the risk of revealing your personal information on social media by chance while you are streaming, we are here to bring you a solution namely Discord Streamer Mode which will make significant changes to your streaming experience.

Streaming is one of the most typical activities of famous gamers. They stream to thousands of viewers around the world at a time. One of the most inconvenient when streaming your games is that you can sometimes unintentionally show your sensitive information, private message, and even intimate images on social media. You will never want to share your privacy with many strangers out there in that way, but sometimes you cannot control your screen display or your buddy’s message to you. What an inconvenience! 

Do not worry about this issue as you have Discord which will bring to you a safe solution to that problem. Discord has become so popular in the streamer community thanks to its outstanding functions to streamers while streaming their games. Understanding their worriment of potential mess with their private information once revealed, the software developers created Discord Streamer Mode. What it is and how it can protect your stream will be shared in this writing. 

What is Discord Streamer?

Streamer mode in Discord is a special facility that can control what viewers can see on your streaming screen. It will help to block private messages and unwanted popups to your chatbox and you never want them to be shared with people on social media.  You can enjoy your stream to the maximum when you will not have to worry about anything being revealed or stolen on your computer. It is time for you to utilize all the great features of Discord that can contribute to your gaming performance and experience. Just make the best of time you are spending with your friends on this platform as much as possible. 

What can be hidden by Streamer Mode? 

Once you activate this mode in your Discord, it can help you suppress all personal details as below:

  • Personal information: It will be a bit dangerous when your email address, account linked to Discord server to be shown on your screen. When you click on your friends’ accounts, all of a sudden, you may display notes you left on their accounts. Streamer Mode will help you to hide all the information as well as discriminators of Discord users.

  • Invite links: This mode also enables you to hide the invitation code from strange users who watch your stream. If they have the code, they can join your private Discord serve and you do not want this to happen, right?

  • Mutes unwanted sounds: Discord mode will mute all unwanted sounds from participants in your Discord, including message notifications, announcements when users join your Discord. You can totally focus on your streaming without being bothered by anything. 

  • Notification popups: Last but not least, you can hide all notifications from the Discord client itself. This stops accidentally showing private notifications that may air personal information you do not want sharing with random users on the internet.

How to activate Streamer Mode?

Thanks to this setting, users now feel more secure about their streaming in Discord. Before going over the steps to start this mode in your Discord, you will need to install the streaming software with Discord. When it comes to installing a streaming application, OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) can integrate with Discord seamlessly. After downloading OBS, it will require to access your Discord application. Once approved, you can customize the setting to suit your needs. Take these simple steps as mentioned below to activate Streamer Mode:

  • Go to the User Settings mode

  • Find the Streamer Mode tab

  • Finally, turn the Enable Streamer Mode option on

The process is pretty easy and quick. You now no longer need to worry about the private information being shared with thousands of users while streaming. If you encounter any problems with your Discord update and Discord’s audio, let check our sharing articles right now. 

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