What Is A GPU Stress Test & Which One Is The Best Tool?

If you are a frequent Esports gamer or a PC builder, testing your PC from both inside and outside is really important. GPU is an essential part of your computer, so it will be a lot easier for you to optimize your computer performance once you know how GPU works inside your PC.

 Besides CPU & RAM, GPU is one of the most important components which has a huge impact on your computing performance.  In this article,  we are going to introduce you to “GPU stress test”  with some tips that can help you do the job easily. First, we should know what is a GPU test?

What is a GPU test?

A GPU stress test is basically an application that is used to push your GPU to its maximum limits. In this test, we will fully utilize GPU’s processing power, all electrical power and push the cooling and the temperatures to the maximum to see how far they can go. Through the test, we partly know your PC’s graphics rendering capability. 

In reality, high-end games can push your GPU’s limitations, but they can push to the point like a stress test can do. Stress tests are designed to cause crashing and overheating to your computer.

Some of the best GPUs suggested by Homeer:

 Tools to stress test GPU

1. Furmark

When it comes to software that helps test GPU effectively, Furmark is always the top choice we want to suggest. Many people claim that Furmark sometimes puts such an enormous load on the GPU to the point that it can do harm to your hardware inside due to overheating and crashing. However, you do not need to worry much about this because you can try a standard OpenGL test for measuring the GPU’s stability. 

Furmark is highly recommended to you when you are going to choose an intensive test for your GPU’s stability and limits. You can select between Basic or Great Stability test for your GPU. It is the best for testing overclocks and general stability. 

2. Unigine 

Unigine is a free GPU stress test. It is known as the best gaming engine in the world providing users with real-world scenarios to join. Unigine offers you popular tests including Superposition, Heaven, and Valley. 

One of the best parts of Unigine is that Unigine can help offer an interactive and intensive environment to check your GPU’s stability. Unigine also makes it easy for you to compare your GPU score with other different systems thanks to its benchmark score.

check your GPU’s stability

3. 3DMark 

One of the most popular ways to test your GPU is called 3DMark. Like Unigine,  3DMark also offers you many benchmark tests to estimate your GPU’s capability, including Fire Strike, Time Spy, Fire Strike, Tomb Raid, and more. 3DMark can put a tremendous load on the GPU to test its limits. 

Testing the GPU now also can be very interesting when the 3DMark tests feature improved graphical visuals with lighting as well as shadow effects. The tests can make sure that they can push your GPU to the extreme limits to see how far it can go. 

Do not forget that 3DMark has a standard and cross-platform benchmark score which enables you to test your GPU’s ranking. To sum up, 3DMark is an efficient GPU stress testing software that you can consider using for your PC. 

We hope that some of the software above can be your ideal choice in testing your GPU’s capability effectively and quickly. Especially, you can use some of them for free. 

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Paul Syverson
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