PS5 restock Twitter updates: the users to help track new PS5 console stock

Still haven't found PS5 restock? Follow these Twitter accounts for the latest updates.

Finding PS5 restock updates is easier than you think, with many Twitter accounts able to send you notifications as soon as there's new console stock.

We're still waiting for a PS5 restock to come from Sony Direct, which hasn't had the console in stock much this week – only Wednesday. It's usually Tuesday through Friday, so we're watching closely to see if there's another PS5 drop before the weekend.

Tip 1: Follow us on Twitter above to get notifications on where you get it next. That's where you'll find out minute one where you can buy it. We're tracking 12 different stores via Twitter.

Tip 2: Tell us if you had success via Twitter. This helps people know what works and what doesn't.

Late Thursday update: We didn't see a PS5 restock on Thursday, however, we're tracking new stock that is rumored to launch tomorrow, Friday at Target and Best Buy. We have a tweet set up for the minute it lands, though the exact time for this PS5 restock isn't known.

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Thuy Tran
Thuy Tran
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