No Man's Sky Origin Modpack [Updated 04/10/2020]


This is a compilation of the greatest mods that are actually compatible with each other and the last update.

It's improving the graphics, the terrain, the sky, enhance the gameplay and improve some mechanics.

I didn't make them, as I said it's a compilation of mods that I found on this site and Nexus mods.

I would like to congratulate Redmas, JustSpaceThings, Exosolar, BrittFrey, JasonDude, and the modding community of NMS for making this possible.

Thanks for your work guys!

The list of what this mod pack changes:

  • Origin logo added
  • Better Character movement
  • Better ships texture
  • Better Spaceship flight (hover and speed)
  • More Realistic Space
  • Enhanced water and better LOD
  • Less Restriction for building and exclusive parts
  • Launch thruster cost reduce 
  • The Jetpack tank is bigger 
  • Faster scan analysis  
  • Better Clouds
  • Enable multiple freighters in multiplayer
  • Bigger Volcanoes
  • Bigger stacks of substances
  • Exocraft enhanced (control and deployment)
  • Better Asteroid fields (less intrusive)
  • The main menu reworked
  • More Pirates
  • Orange trails for ships



 First-time installation:

  1. Browse to No Man's SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKS.
  2. Delete the DISABLEMODS.TXT file.
  3. Create a folder named MODS 
  4. Move mods.pak files into the mods folder.

If done correctly, it will display an image during the loading after your start the game telling you that you're running mods. Proceed then load your game and enjoy.


Uploader Version Modder Updated
Sternjäger Origin Redmas,JustSpaceThings, Exosolar, JasonDude, BrittFrey and the modding community of No Man's Sky October 4, 2020
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