* I'll be fixing bugs / releasing 1.4 very soon, along with adding requested features. Sorry about the inactivity; I've been busy with a few things.

Mod Manager

  • Easily install/uninstall mods with a single click
  • Built-in multi-selection to mass uninstall mods
  • Download the latest mods directly from ( Auto installation will be supported in 1.4 )


Launcher Features

  • Automatic updates
  • Offline mode

Upcoming Features

  • Backup files
  • Save manager
  • Community tools

If you run into any issues, feel free to PM me.

This tool uses ConfuserEx by yck1509




Extract the archive onto your desktop and run Mod Manager Launcher.exe

If the launcher is unable to locate the main NMS folder, you will be asked to set a path manually


Installation errors

  1. Close NMS Mod Manager.exe 
  2. Open Task Manager to ensure that the manager has shutdown
  3. Run Mod Manager Launcher.exe as administrator
  4. ( Optional ) If needed, whitelist the launcher or disable your antivirus

Updating mods list/download loop

This is likely caused by your antivirus or firewall blocking out NMS Mod Manager.



Version 1.3
Standalone Launcher

  • The standalone launcher has been rewritten and compressed to a smaller size.
  • All files will be downloaded to the NMS Mod Manager folder on the desktop

Version 1.1
Automatic updates

  • View & download the latest mods directly from the latest mods tab
  • NMS Mod Manager will automatically check for updates each time it starts up

Version 1.0
Simple features implemented

  • Install & uninstall mods with ease
  • Built-in path detection ( Supports Steam / GOG / any custom directory )
  • Ability to manually override the set path
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