iPhone 12 or 13? Should You Wait for The Latest Apple Phone in 2021?

For iPhone enthusiasts, they seem very excited about the information around the release date of iPhone 13. Someone says that it is hard to get rid of using iPhone once you buy it because it is like an addictive substance with the top-notch features that a smartphone can contain, and frequent iPhone users never want to say goodbye to those functions for sure. And should we buy iPhone 12 while waiting for Apple’s next flagship? Homeer will help you to find out the answer to that question in this writing.

Is iPhone 13 really worth your long waiting? 

Rumors about iPhone 13 keep rolling in and make us feel more excited and curious about its new design and upgrades. Basing on the leaked information, we can partly predict when it will be released, how it will look like, and how much it costs. Some possible questions may pop up in your mind when it comes to iPhone 13.  

Release date

It is predicted that iPhone 13 will be coming in September 2021. This release date can not be earlier than that time, according to some experts. Apple often launches its new products at the end of the year.

Before 2020, this technology mogul used to choose either the first or second Tuesday of September to release its new iPhone. Anyway, this information was just rumored by people and has not been confirmed. What we have to do now is keep waiting for its exact release date.  

New outlook

All iPhone enthusiasts are curious about the iPhone’s new outlook. Many people have been talking about its new appearance for months already. What will make it different from iPhone 12 or previous versions? Well, it has recently been rumored that the thirteenth member of the iPhone family will make some changes to the camera. 

Apple will trim down the camera bump of the iPhone 13 and create a matte black option for the Pro models. Moreover, many people believe that the notch will be likely to shrink and become smaller than iPhone 12’s, and the camera lens will be larger. 

The design of this latest product is said to be quite similar to iPhone 12 Pro Max. The less fingerprint-prone design with a stainless steel frame continues to be the highlight of the iPhone 13. However, iPhone 13 is predicted not to have too many differences compared to its sibling iPhone - iPhone 12. Apart from larger camera sensors, a smaller notch, and a diagonal camera layout, iPhone 13 is claimed to be not much of an upgrade.

 Many people are looking forward to seeing what color the iPhone 13 will come in. Some rumors reveal that iPhone 13 will offer many different colors, including black, purple, rose pink, and even purple or orange. So if you want to experience brighter color options which is more outstanding than the graphite iPhone 12, this new product from Apple is for you. 


The most remarkable feature of iOS 15 can be the improvement in FaceTime. You will be able to join calls through a web link that is accessible even for Android users. 

More interestingly, in regard to messages, a live text function can enable you to translate text in images or you also can copy it to a separate document. Maps can get more new details about places, including commercial districts and buildings. The weather widget can be renewed with a different outlook and come with more useful functions. 



One of the key considerations when it comes to buying a new iPhone may be the price. Many people expect that the price of iPhone 13 will not be higher than the iPhone 12’s. But we will wait for the release date to know how much it will cost. 

Do you know iPhone 12 is being sold at a discount? 

In fact, iPhone 12 has many similar features like iPhone 13 offer from sizes to functions. iPhone 12 never lets you down with its decent values. This phone is pretty tough to avoid unwanted drops. Besides, it can offer you 5G connectivity which helps you use the internet at fast speeds.

What’s more, if you are tired of waiting for the A15 Biotic chip to come in iPhone 13, the A14 Biotic is fast enough for your use. Importantly, iPhone 12 is being sold at a discount this year. Go and get an amazing smartphone at low prices right now.  

 Moreover, iPhone 12 has been a worth-investing product on the market so far. Do not hesitate to buy you one of the masterpieces of the Apple brand - iPhone 12. With the latest upgrades, iPhone 12 is still believed by many buyers. Check the list of iPhone 12 worth investing in with the best deal right now.

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