How to use your laptop as a monitor?

Many people prefer using laptops because of their mobility and flexibility. It is because they can bring their laptops with them everywhere they go. With a portable laptop, you can do multi-tasks in a short period of time. Do not forget that you can use your laptop as a monitor or second screen for another display device.

Extending your laptop’s display across multiple monitors is an optimal choice to increase your productivity. With the second display, you can view different web pages and content at a time. In this writing, we will show you how to expand your laptop view with multiple monitors.

1. Extend your laptop display on Windows 10

Firstly, your laptop might use an HDMI cable, mini DisplayPort, DisplayPort, or a docking station, so you need to find the right display cable for a laptop to hook it up to a monitor. Then, you need to open Settings and navigate to Display. You will see “Display Settings” or click “Windows Key +P” to change the display modes.

 You will see the “Select and rearrange displays” sections once your laptop has been connected to the monitor. If you do not see any screens under this section, then choose “Detect” to look for another display.

With the section mentioned above, you can arrange the order of these displays depending on your preference.

2. Extend your laptop display on macOS

First of all, check the ports on your device first to define if you need an adaptor or not. You also need to find the right cable and then plug it into the monitor.

Navigate to the Apple menu and click “System Preference” => “Display” to find the “Arrangement” tab. You now can arrange your displays by dragging them to the position you expect. Remember not to select Mirror Displays. 

With some simple steps above, you can use your laptop as the second monitor to be able to control more tabs at the same time.

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Tran Ngoc Thuy
Tran Ngoc Thuy
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