How to Mute Your Browser Tab: Here’s the Guide

You’re opening multiple tabs but don’t want to be annoyed or distracted by the mixed sound from them? You can mute your browser tabs to prevent this. This article will give you a guide to mute sound from different browsers including Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

Besides, if you have to keep track of more than two tabs at the same time for some reason, there is also a suggestion to turn the volume of tabs down.

The guide to muting browser tabs

1. Chrome

Turning the sound on and off on Chrome is simple. This function allows you to turn the sound off if the tab automatically plays the sound and you don’t know how to mute it. 

Step 1: On Google Chrome, right-click on the tap that you want to turn the sound off.

Step 2: Choose “mute site”, then the sound from that tab will be muted immediately.


To unmute the site, you right-click on the tap once more time → unmute site



2. Microsoft Edge

Steps on Microsoft Edge to mute the sound are exactly the same as on Google Chrome. 

Step 1: To mute sound on Microsoft Edge, right-click on the tab → choose mute tab



Or you just need to click on the speaker symbol to mute the tab



Step 2: To unmute the site, right-click on the tab → unmute tab.


3. Firefox

The browser Firefox works the same as Microsoft Edge. To mute the tab, just click on the speaker symbol or right-click on the tab.

To unmute the tab, right-click on the tap once more time → choose “unmute tab

4. Opera 

It’s very simple to mute or unmute tabs on the Opera browser. Right-click on the tab and choose “mute tab” to mute the tab and “unmute tab” to unmute the tab.

In addition, Opera allows users to mute other tabs without dragging to that tab. Just right click on the current tab and choose “Mute other tabs

5. Safari

It’s similar to mute the tab on Safari. There are two options:

  • Right-click on the tap and choose “mute this tab

  • Click on the blue speaker icon above the URL bar to mute the tab.

To unmute the sound, click again on the muted speaker or right-click on the tap.

How to turn the volume up and down on browsers

1. Chrome

Chrome allows users to turn the volume up and down on each tap. To do this, you need to download Volume Master. Then you’ll see the Volume Master symbol next to the URL bar. To adjust the volume, you just need to click on that symbol and choose the suitable sound level.

2. Microsoft Edge

Firstly, you have to download the Volume Controller to your Microsoft Edge. After that, you’ll see the speaker symbol next to the URL bar. Click on that symbol to adjust the volume as you want for every single tab.

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