How To Lower GPU Temperature?

Imagine what will happen if your GPU temperatures exceed 70°C or even 80°C when you are gaming? It is time to care more about how the graphics card works inside your PC and find ways to keep it in the best status for the most optimal performance.

A graphics card is one of the most important components in your PC which has a huge impact on how your PC operates. Especially, owning an excellent graphics card will make significant changes to your gaming performance. If the GPU temperature reaches too high over its limit, this will negatively affect your PC and shorten the lifespan of your graphics card, of course. 

It is time to pay more attention to your GPU’s well-being. This article aims to share with you some tips to reduce the temperature in GPU once it hits over the control. 

1. Replace thermal paste 

Thermal paste often degrades over time because of the too high temperature of GPU. Check the GPU’s thermal paste regularly to figure out any problems with it as soon as possible. Once your thermal paste dries out, you know that it is time for you to replace it with a new one to guarantee the PC’s operation. We also have a lot of recommendations for you when it comes to the best thermal paste for your GPU. Let check the list of thermal pastes worth investing in for your PC right here

2. Improve airflow in the PC case

The GPU may become hotter if it does not get enough airflow in the case. Therefore, you need to check the operation of case fans inside. Consider if your PC needs more fans or not as the number of fans inside also will influence the airflow. Air can flow efficiently if we find out the right doctor with the optimal treatment. Undoubtedly, more fans filling the vacant slots can boost the airflow. 

3. Buy a new case

Open the case to observe how it changes when you are playing a game and then check the GPU temperature to see the differences. Basing on the observation, you will consider whether your PC needs a new case with more fans or not. There are many types of cases on the market with a variety of prices; therefore, we help you list out some products that are worth your investment. Let check them out.

4. Get a GPU water cooling system

While you can totally save money when buying an aftermarket GPU fan, think about equipping your PC with a GPU water cooling system that is perfect for overlooked GPUs. This is considered the most effective way to cool your GPU temperature down quickly. Some reputable brands you can find out about are Cooler Master, NZXT, Corsair, and so on.  Let check them out to select the best GPU water cooling system worth every penny.

5. Going back to the Previous GPU Driver 

The rising temperature can be the result of an update according to many gamers who often encounter this problem. They realize that the temperature can rise up to 10°C after an update. In this case, you can roll back to the old GPU driver to solve the problem. It is a trick!

6. Using MSI Afterburner

Using third-party software can be the solution to this problem. When it comes to the hot GPU temperature, gamers usually think of MSI Afterburner which can help underclock your GPU easily. Reducing the clock speeds not only lowers the temperature but also lengthen the lifespan of the card. You can try this way by following some simple steps. 

7. Clean the dust off the fan

Dust build-up is among the most common reasons why the can not do its job effectively. Getting rid of the bags of dust accumulated in your GPU would come with a lot of benefits to your PC. Therefore, try to do this job periodically to improve the airflow as well as the performance of the graphics card. 

Above are just some of the common ways for reducing the GPU temperature you can consider. Hope that this writing will be helpful if you are looking for ways to better your GPU’s performance. If you want to finds ways to lower CPU’s temperature, let check our writing about how to reduce CPU temperatures.

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Paul Syverson
Paul Syverson
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