How to find your public IP address?

For those who do not know about the term, IP is known as Internet Protocol, a label assigned to each device that is connected to a computer network using the Internet Protocol for communication. It will show the location of your device on the internet. 

Sometimes, you may need to know about your IP address for specific reasons. This writing aims to provide you with ways to define your IP easily on Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS.

1. How to find your public IP address

Let's visit, which can tell you what your IP address is. Have a look at the line in the gray box that presents ‘Your Public IPv4 is:’. Those four numbers are your PC’s public IP address. It seems the easiest way to find your public IP address. 

However, once you use up five times of looking up, we still have a backup plan for you. Try to find your public IP address with alternative sites such as, or you can throw a search on Google “what is my IP,” and you will have the immediate response. 

2. Find your public IP address in your router.

Sometimes, you may fail to search your IP address with the online methods above. Still, you can try to discover your public IP in your router by logging into the device via in your web, and your public IP is often listed on the front page of the router interface. 

3. Find the IP address on Windows 10

You can find the search box near the Start button on the taskbar, then open up the command prompt by typing “cmd.” Once you have the command prompt open, simply type “ipconfig” and click enter. Your IP address will be listed right there. You can apply the same process with older versions of Windows. 

4. IP address on macOS

If you want to look for your IP address on macOS, choose the Apple logo, navigate to “System Preferences,” and click on ‘Network’.

You can look under “Status” to find out your private IP address underneath “Connected.” But before that, make sure that your device is connected to the network already. 

5. IP address on Chrome OS

Pay attention to the bottom-left of the desktop, click on Launcher and then click on “Settings” once it comes up. Under ‘Known network’, your active network will appear; click on the connected network. Options relating to the network will be listed, including your “IP address”.

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Tran Ngoc Thuy
Tran Ngoc Thuy
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