How to Cool Down Your Laptop: 5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Laptop at An Acceptable Temperature

No matter what laptops you are using, a gaming laptop or an office one, keeping it cool is very important to lengthen its lifespan. However, we usually use laptops for long continuous hours, and the increase in its temperature is inevitable. 

Fortunately, we have several simple ways to cool our laptops down and keep them at a stable temperature. It is absolutely a worthy investment if you want to enhance your performance.

This article is going to introduce you to 5 easy ways to keep your laptop at an acceptable temperature.

1. Give it a short break

This is the simplest solution to cool your laptop down. Turn it off for some hours until it can be touched. You can use that amount of time doing other works without keeping your eyes on the screen. 

If shutting it down is impossible, then you can follow the steps below to continue working or playing games.

2. Buy a laptop cooler

Due to the compact design, laptops are usually not equipped with the best coolers. Therefore, adding another cooling device may be a good choice. 

Now you can find a bunch of cooling pads for laptops on the market. They’re designed with fans inside and vents to optimize the cooling performance.

You just need to put your laptops on it and turn the pad on, the fans will start working to push all waste hot air out.

The second reason that makes a laptop cooler an ideal option is it’s inexpensive. You can probably get a laptop cooler at around $30, much cheaper than a PC cooler. 

3. Avoid padded surfaces

Carpeted surfaces can make your laptop hot faster than normal. Using your laptop on flat and hard surfaces like desks or tables instead. Furthermore, the surrounding environment should be exposed to direct sunlight and airy as well.

Don’t put your laptops on the floor because there is much dust, affecting your laptop’s cooling performance. 

4. Clean your laptops

If your laptop is filled out with dust and other debris, they block the airflow made by the cooler and trap the heat. 

Dust exists everywhere, so you need to clean your laptop regularly. Especially for those who are raising pets, their fur or leather could be stuck in your laptop and cause serious problems.

You should purchase computer vacuums or cotton swabs to reach higher cleaning efficiency. Be careful with the components inside since you can damage them easily. 

5. Check your power settings

Instead of using the maximum processor speed, you can change your power settings so that only the power necessary to run your applications will be used. 

Here’s the guide to adjust your power settings on Windows 10:

Step 1: Go to Start (Windows) → Settings


Step 2: Choose Systems


Step 3: Choose Power & sleepAdditional power settings


Step 4: On Balance (Recommended), select Change plan settings


Step 5: On the two “On battery” and “Plugged in” columns, adjust the statistic as your demand and liking → Change advanced power settings

CXZY8x_rC-how-to-cool-down-your-laptop-step-5Step 6: Customize each setting in Balanced (Active) depending on your needs.

Step 7: Click OKApply to save changes 

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Tran Ngoc Thuy
Tran Ngoc Thuy
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