Freighter Control - Allows Multiple Player Freighters in System



This mod changes GCDEBUGOPTIONS.GLOBAL and anything that modifies that file will be incompatible with this modification.


This tweak allows you to spawn your freighter in a system with other player freighters in the system. This tweak has been tested with two freighters, but I do believe it should work on more than that.


My friend doesn't have this mod, can I still warp multiple freighters in the system?

Yes! To do this through, your friend must load their freighter at first; then you can drop yours down!


To install this mod, find your PCBANKS/MODS and move the file _NotInTheBand.FreighterControl.pak


Uploader Version Size Updated
NotInTheBand 1.0 990 B May 27, 2019


Version 1.0


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Paul Syverson
Paul Syverson
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