Facebook Event Photo Size 2021: The Correct Dimensions and Factors to Keep In Mind

If you’re aware of the proper Facebook event photo size, you can expect your image to cut through all the noise on social media. Make it look professional to be taken seriously.

You’re in the right place if you want the correct answer to what is Facebook event photo size. Engaging with a like-minded audience is what Facebook event is so popular for.

It’s the best way for you, an event host, to communicate information to the few or many participants. I’m sure you would agree with me. Otherwise, why else would you be reading this post!

A relevant Facebook event photo should leave a lasting impression. But only if you’ve got the right information at your disposal. Once that is in place, the process of uploading a photo becomes easier.

However, the creation of the image is a tricky business. I mean you have to choose or design an attractive photo, first of all. Then secondly, once you do, its resolution also matters.

Many event hosts fail to select the correct resolution. More often than not, this happens because Facebook keeps changing its event photo size dimensions. So what is the current Facebook event photo size?

Facebook Event Photo Size in 2021

Facebook Event Photo Size

Do you know what separates a blurry Facebook event photo from a crisp one? It’s knowing the correct dimensions of the event photo. In that case, there is more than just one version when it comes to the image size.

  • The recommended event photo size by Facebook is 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels
  • Facebook’s scaled-down minimum dimensions are 470 pixels x 174 pixels
  • The size of the image in feed is also 470 pixels x 174 pixels

How to Upload Facebook Event Photo?

How to Upload Facebook Event Photo

To be honest, it’s not such a time-consuming or difficult task uploading a Facebook event image. Creating one, on the other hand, certainly is. However, when you want to upload it, you can celebrate the fact that the hard part is over.

Just keep in mind that your page shouldn’t look sloppy. You don’t want your audience to think you’ve put in the minimal effort or none at all, now do you.

Once you start filling in the event details, there are 2 options you get for uploading the photo.

1. Choose the Theme

The social media giant offers preset themes like parties, holidays, birthdays, and more. The options at your disposal are definitely convenient alternatives to actually creating an event photo from scratch. But they’re not necessarily great in terms of appeal, creativity, and diversity.

2. Upload the Photo

You can obviously upload a personal image. Just make sure it’s following the guidelines and dimensions provided by Facebook. Adjusting the size so that the photo fits the event dimensions is also possible by the way.

Where Does the Facebook Event Photo Appear?

The platform has made many changes over the past few years. So the current state of affairs places the event photo in 3 different locations. However, the best option is to follow the recommendation of 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels.

Your Event Page

The event image with dimensions 470 pixels x 174 pixels displays on the event page. It’s the primary resource for your event’s details, updates, and comments.

Upcoming Events

In here, it appears in the form of a thumbnail. No wonder some brands stress on selecting a photo that looks great as both a full-scale image and thumbnail.


Have you ever laid eyes on other event images on your own Facebook newsfeed? If yes, then you know that these photos have the same size as the actual event image displayed on its main Facebook page.

What Factors Contribute to Making a Great Facebook Event Photo?

Now you know the correct Facebook event photo size. So it’s time to find out what goes into making a good image and a bad one. First, let’s do the bad.

Reasons why Facebook event photo is not visually appealing:

The image is blurry

When the photo is very small for a larger screen, it ends up looking blurry.

The image content is not related to your personality or brand

It’s supposed to be an extension of what you are and what your event is all about. When it’s not, how do you expect people to understand your brand and what you stand for?

It’s a generic stock photo

This brings to mind one of the Japanese author Haruki Murakami’s quotes. “If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” So how are you doing anything differently to get noticed when all that’s happening is you blending in!

The image contains excess text

It goes without saying that most social media platforms prefer event images and ads with very little text. So don’t forget to check if your photo meets those Facebook guidelines regarding the text.

Facebook also states that contact information should not be a part of your event banner. Such as phone number, email, or URL.

Now that you know what not to add, it’s time to find out the factors that actually matter.

Reasons why Facebook event photo is a huge success:

The image contains important details

For example, for a music festival or club night, the important details, in this case, are the venue, date, and known artists of your lineup. Such critical details should be registered right away. So make sure you strike the perfect balance between too dominating and too small.

The image is not boring

Needless to say, visual design that’s eye-catching or unique grabs more attention. It’s what makes a photo stand out from the crowd. So in order to cut through the noise, create a visual that doesn’t look like the many other thousand shiny distractions already on Facebook.

The image consists of only 20% text

Did you know that Facebook doesn’t approve of images that have higher text content than the image? Try to limit your text to only 20%. And I’m quite serious about this. Because Facebook doesn’t hold back when it comes to disapproving ads that fail to abide by their guidelines.

End Note

The way Facebook implements events has undoubtedly transformed the way brands and businesses market and promote their events. Traditional methods have taken a back seat since everything you and I know has now moved online. And what has taken the driver’s seat is social media.

So there’s no debate when it comes to prioritizing Facebook events. But the job of creating a successful event is easier said than done.

Just keep it simple at first and begin by creating an image with the correct Facebook event photo size. Proper visuals, strong description, and correct time/date/address are crucial here.

When done right, you can spur discussion, build anticipation, automate reminders, and encourage sharing.

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