Important! Grass, like everything else, can not be traced further than the architecture of the engine allows. Therefore, at the maximum settings, there is almost no difference, the difference is noticeable only for grass. (Google translator)

DDC (Draw Distance Changer) – a tool dedicated to the configuration of the draw distance of objects.

DistanceSettings.ini configuration description:


Don’t know exactly what this does, but it seems like it is the radius of some sort of a volume in which Objects are distributed. Therefore, FadeOutEndDistance and FadeOutStartDistance is dependent on this value.


These are the 2D Sprites, which Objects are replaced by when rendered far away from the player camera. This setting is still not fully understood because if set to 1 the sprites still do not render in front of your nose. By default, it is set to 99 at almost every Object.


Installation (Not actual for now)

  1. Extract the content of the “Draw-Distance-Changer.7z“ archive into a new folder. ATTENTION: PATH TO THE FOLDER AND FOLDER NAME MUST NOT CONTAIN ANY SPACE CHARACTER!
  2. Open “DistanceSettings.ini” with Notepad, configure the distances, and save this file.
  3. Copy “NMSARC.515F1D3.pak” from your PCBANKS game folder into the folder you extracted the tool “NMS_DDC.exe” in.
  4. Run “NMS_DDC.exe” and choose “1” to patch the file with your new draw distance. A backup will be created automatically from which you can recover later by choosing “0”.
  5. Copy the new patched “NMSARC.515F1D3.pak” into your PCBANKS/MODS folder.

For an unpacked version of the game

If you are using the unpacked version of the game then you can change the DoNotClearTempData option in the configuration file to 1. That allows you to NOT delete the temporal files. In the temporal folder NMSARC_CE8DDE7C_EXTRACTED you will find already finished files for in-game usage. BUT! one more but, that variant currently does not have backup files!


Uploader Version Size Updated
VictorSysov 1.0.6631.480 372.21 kB August 1, 2018


Updated to be worked with "Next" (31 July 2018)

I uploaded the tool so you can set up the mod by yourself.


----26 February 2018----

I make just pak file as mod, for game version 1.381 (15370)

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