CPU Stress Tests : Best tools to stress your CPU

A newly built PC costs you a lot of money and you definitely want to make sure that all components inside can work their best to meet your expected results. CPU, RAM, or GPU should perform well to help them catch up with the fast speed even in demanding games. Or else you have used your PC for a very long time and now really want to know whether you should keep it or replace it with a new one providing better performance. In these cases, stress tests are used. 

These tests are very useful in testing all components in the computer to see if they are still working well or not and can help you find out any problems with your PC as soon as possible. If you want to know how to stress test your GPU, let visit Homeer to learn some tips that you can apply. 

In this guide, we will give you suggestions as well as instructions to test your CPU in a smart and money-saving way. Let check them out right now.

CPU Stress Test Tools

The tools we recommend below are the best you can use for this job and are well Whenever you want to check the stability of your CPU after overclocking it or want to see how hot it is running, you can use one of the following stress tools we mention below. 

IntelBurn Test

We always want to give you the most optimal and money-saving option for this kind of stress test. IntelBurn Test is among the choices that should be taken into account. This tool is totally free of charge. However, this tool is sometimes complained about because of pushing the processor further than necessary. 

IntelBurn Test


When it comes to choosing a tool for CPU stress testing, many people talk about Aid64. Unlike IntelBurn Test, Adia64 requires a fee for use, but do not worry because the cost is not too high (around $39.95 for a package) for a handful of times. 

You will be offered full system diagnostic utility with this edition, which cannot be found in free ones. This tool can be suitable for computer engineers, IT technicians, or PC enthusiasts.


Prime 95 is one of the most common tools used for CPU stress testing thanks to its reliability and convenience. This tool was developed by GIMPS and has been adopted by many users to stress test their processor.

Prime 95 can put on your component a very heavy workload to measure its capability. If your CPU can put up with the pressure of Prime95 for 5 to 6 hours without any interruption, it means that your CPU is running well.  

Take a test which is the most suitable for your PC to see the magic coming from your PC!

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Paul Syverson
Paul Syverson
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