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22 Best Soda Makers in April 2021

Statistic has shown that in 2019, Mexico was the country with the highest carbonated soft drink consumption, namely over 630 8-ounce servings per capita per year. The United States stood in second place, with almost the same quantity. If you are hooked on bubbly water, investing in a DIY soda maker could help you kick the store-bought habit. Besides saving you money in the long-run, a soda maker puts you in control of the ingredients in your drinks and is an environmentally friendly choice since it means fewer store-bought bottles and cans going in the trash.

With the support from AI and Big Data as well as 14,114 objective reviews of consumers, we ranked the top 22 products you may be keen on the Best Soda Makers. Listed below you will see major brands as: Hatfields London, sodastream, DrinkMate, Ellemate, HXZB, DRINKPOD, Gift Boutique, CO-Z, SDADI, aarke.

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    AI Score is a ranking system developed by our team of experts. It from 0 to 10 are automatically scored by our AI Consumer Report tool based upon the data collected. This score has no relationship or impact from any manufacturer or sales agent websites.

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Our bodies will always need more water and always want a cooler drink. And what could be more refreshing and refreshing than a cool, fruity soda? I bet after working in hot weather for a while, a glass of soda will be what you need to quench your thirst and regain energy. However you don't like canned soda water because it contains many preservatives, then the best soda makers will be what you need.

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Soda making machines are considered to be the leading device in beverage technology, the device that creates drinks that have been raining in the past time at bars and cafes across the country. It only takes 10 seconds to create a Soda drink from any familiar water such as: filtered water, fruit juice, milk or any other beverage you like. And if you don't know which is the best soda maker for you then don't worry, we will give a few suggestions below.



The soda maker is designed quite nicely, allowing you to "turn" ordinary pure water into a kind of carbonated water with a rather strange taste to make some unique drinks during the parties, meals at home. Users just need to put normal filtered water into the available glass bottle of the machine, put in the metal container and press the button to close tightly. The machine is also equipped with a very unique gas generator that will turn ordinary water into carbonated water - a form of soda water. 

1. Handheld soda maker

Handheld soda maker is a specialized product to make soda water and to process various beverages. Most handheld soda makers have a cylindrical design, simple and modern design that is easy to use and operate. Depending on the type of bottle, the main material used is aluminum or stainless steel. However, these are carefully selected materials, ensuring user safety, not being toxic and not affecting the taste of soda. 

On top of the handheld soda maker caps, there is a stainless steel piston attached that is removable and easy to clean. The inside of the lid of the bottle has a rubber ring that helps to keep the lid and the jar secure from leaking or leaking gas during the soda making process. On the outside, there are more silicone rings in the neck of the bottle cap to help enhance the stability of the bottle during shaking, not to spill materials out and ensure safety for users. 

Currently, NitroPress Nitro Soda Maker is used by customers and rated for the highest quality. Finished soda has a delicious taste and can retain gas for a long time. Not only can it make soda, but this machine can also make a wide variety of drinks, even making whipping cream. This is the best soda maker for cafes, restaurants, and professional cafes. 

If you find that soda is too complicated, the 1 Liter Aluminum Soda Siphon Fizz Maker will satisfy you. This is a good handheld soda maker with a much cheaper price tag. If you do not need a professional dispenser, integrating many features, this soda maker will be right for you. Despite the low price, this soda maker is still very solid when it has a great durable pressure regulator and a lid with safe, secure threading for no drips. 

2. Sodastream soda maker

SodaStream is a soda maker with new innovations in direct gas generation technology that will bring you a cup of carbonated water, aromatic and more convenient than ever. With 4 different levels of carboHydrate adjustment from small to medium, many and many, users simply press the button to select the level according to their needs. The SodaStream maker will automatically generate gas and report the process is complete on the LED display. The LED screen, in front of the camera body, will show the entire CO2 generation process and notify the remaining air in the engine cylinder. The entire gas generation cycle takes place within seconds.

All have to be done with just one button to select the level after placing the water bottle in the carboHydrate nozzle of the machine. The Snap-n-Lock mechanism allows to easily disassemble the bottle and the machine throat, and the throat will also hold the bottle tightly during gas generation.

Take the SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker for example. It has a sparkling water maker, 60L Co2 cylinder and 1 liter BPA-free reusable carbonating bottle. Energy efficient, powered by Co2 cylinder. With SodaStream Fizzi, each cylinder carbonates up to 60 liters of water. The plus point for this soda maker is that it does not contain BPA to help protect the environment and the planet. 

If you find this machine does not have the functions that you need, we would like to recommend the Drinkmate Sparkling Water Maker with patented Fizz Infuser technology makes it safe even for kids to use, no electricity, or batteries required. In addition, DrinkMate is smartly designed and comes in three designer finishes to match any decor. Plus its small footprint saves counter space. This will be the best soda maker for your family. 

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Buying Guides

Soda making is a great product that brings comfort to your kitchen, not only that it is also one of the indispensable things in cafes or restaurants to make cool Mojito. If you’re thinking about making the switch to homemade sodas, but aren’t quite sure about what soda maker you should get, check out the criteria in this guide and find out what you need to consider before you make your purchase. 

1. Carbonation style

The most important thing when buying a soda making machine is the carbonation style that the device used.  Most Soda making machines today use CO2 gas canisters to carbonate the water. It's the same type of gas that is used in commercial sodas. This type of soda maker does carry a bit of safety risk because the canisters are under extreme pressure and can cause harm if not used correctly as if you overcharge a bottle by inserting so much carbonation. However, this is just something to note, just be careful and follow the instructions, the machine will always operate smoothly.

Besides the use of caution, you can always own yourself a safe soda maker like DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker have Fizz Infuser technology makes it safe even for kids to use. However, this machine does not come with a CO2 cylinder but all brands of 60L CO2 cartridges in North America work with DrinkMate so you don't have to worry about finding the right cylinder. 

2. Included components

Each product will have different accessories, but there are products that will not include accessories. So, before buying to suit your needs, you should carefully research the product description to see if a soda maker comes with a CO2 canister and bottle. If not then you will have to buy these accessories outside, but you will not always be able to find the right accessories for your soda maker. 

For example, DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker do not come with a canister and bottle but all brands of 60L CO2 cartridge in North America work with this company. So it is not difficult for you to find the right cylinder.

In addition, there are many products that not only have a full range of accessories but also have additional features and other accessories. FIZZpod Soda Maker for example. The FIZZPod can include 1 CO2 cylinder to start creating your first sparkled water drink right away. Besides, it includes 1 Carbonator, 1 CO2 Cylinder (60L), 3 PET Bottles, 3 Caps, 1 Fizz Infuser and a manual. The advantage of this machine is its lightness and convenience, this soft drink maker is an interesting product to have. Carbonate cylinder screws also allow you to attach and remove bottles without hassle. 

And if you need more than that, you need a professional soda maker that can make coffee, ice cream and other beverages. Then we would like to recommend you the  NitroPress Nitro Soda Maker. This will be the best soda maker for you to become a professional Barista. 

3. Total capacity

There two places where you need to check the capacity of your soda maker is the carbonator and the bottle. The capacity on the carbonator will tell you how much soda you can make before you need to buy a new one. This is expressed as the total volume of soda water. So, you can create rather than a number of uses, with 30 to 60 liters being common for full sized canisters. But remember that it depends on how much soda you make each time. 

The capacity in the bottle tells you how many milliliters you can make in one use. The larger bottle is great for crowded parties or family gatherings where you will need a large amount of drinks, otherwise you just need a small bottle if you mix it yourself. You can use a great soda maker like twenty 39 qarbo Sparkling Water Maker for year-end parties or family gatherings. The unique sparkling water maker, with an AirCharge two-stage pressure release valve, allows you to infuse flavors directly into the bottle with no loss of fizz. Beside their wide mouth, it’s easy to add some cut up pieces of your favorite fruit into one of the two bottles included. 

4. Your budget 

Of course, no matter what product you buy, from fashion or food products you need to consider your budget. The best soda maker is not only fully functional, high quality, but should also fit your budget. If you are looking to buy a compact, convenient and inexpensive soda making machine, the CO-Z Portable Sparkling Water Maker is what you need. Bạn có thể Enjoy lower prices, custom flavors, and better health with this 1.6-pint CO-Z portable carbonator! Create your own homemade colas and sparkling juices, wines, teas, and cocktails for yourself and your friends. Plus this soda maker is less than 1 foot tall and 3 inches wide, this compact carbonated beverage maker  improves your quality of life that can be carried anywhere. You can leave it at home or take it to work, school, trips, campgrounds, beaches, and more. 

If you have a rich budget and what you care most about is the quality of the soda maker, the Aarke - Carbonator III Premium will be the perfect choice. This soda making machine has a luxurious and modern design. Forget the plastic soda makers of the past because now you have a great soda maker với the Carbonator 3 is designed to be user-friendly, elegant, and compact. Also this design is available in a range of classic finishes to elevate any countertop.

5. Uses

Although the name of this machine was very clearly "soda making". However, each person has different soda making needs. Some people only need a glass of carbonated water to change the taste, others need this machine to serve big parties, others are professional bartenders who want to make a perfect Mojito. So, depending on your needs, we will introduce you to different types of soda maker so you can find the best soda maker for yourself.

If you simply want to find a soda maker to make a homemade soda or want your drink to be more interesting than the SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Make will be right for you.

If you are looking for a large soda maker suitable for parties and public gatherings, then take a look at twenty 39 qarbo Sparkling Water Maker. Compatible with standard 60L CO2 gas cylinders that you can order everywhere. In addition, this Soda maker also comes with special recipes for you to create delicious and cool drinks.

What if you are a professional bartender and need a tool to help you more than just a soda maker? Then you should choose the NitroPress Nitro Soda Maker. Here's a product for all bartenders and bartender's. Cocktails are mixed in batches for speed and efficiency to serve two coffees or up to four cocktails in one

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1. Is soda made from a soda maker good?

Carbonated mineral water is a soft drink and a good alternative to sugary soft drinks. However, there are concerns that this water could be harmful to your health. In fact, using soda water is used to help people with reduced digestive function, gallbladder formation. In a study published in the European journal Gastroenterology and Hepatology, patients with indigestion and constipation were divided into two groups, one group continuously consuming soda water, the other drinking only clear water. 

The results were that soda water improved the digestive system, gallbladder and constipation rate less in the group of people who use them. Additionally, soda water is a sodium-rich mineral water that has been found to have benefits for the heart, blood vessels and blood pressure. In a Spanish study, postmenopausal women who were given sodium-containing mineral water for two months reduced their risk of coronary artery disease compared with those who drank mineral water regularly.

With all the above benefits, why not buy an FDYD Soda Maker Portable right away so you can make yourself a soda which will also allow you to ensure. There are no harmful additives in your water, add a slice of fruit like lemon, or lime to your sparkling water to create a healthy refreshing drink.

2. Stream Soda and handheld soda maker: which one is better?

We can't judge which is better because it depends on what purpose you use it. If you want a soda maker for your family, you want to make delicious simple cocktails or mojito, stream soda like DrinkMate Sparkling Water. This soda maker is functional enough for you to have a delicious soda every day. In addition, you can become a professional bartender in your own kitchen, unleash your creativity with this machine. 

And if you are a professional bartender and the Soda stream machines cannot fulfill what you need. You want to be creative with a tool with many built-in features, helping not only create delicious soda glasses but also show your talent through drinks that look beautiful and delicious. NitroPress Nitro Soda Maker is the best soda maker for you. Needless to say more about this product as this is the professional tool for bartenders. 

3. Where should I buy a soda maker?

Although it is a device that has not been around for a long time, there are some fake and poor quality soda makers on the market. These machines are popular in the market, especially online sales, and are characterized by poor quality and can be damaged immediately after a few uses. So choosing the right place to buy will help you reduce the risk of buying poor quality goods. If you are still wondering about this question, we recommend you to choose big shopping malls, famous brands and trusted by many people such as DrinkMate, Aarke, Twenty39.  

These are the best soda maker brands. When buying products from these brands you will not have to worry about poor quality products or worry about the machine may be damaged after the day of use because these brands always have a warranty and return for customers to buy.  What if you do not have time to go out and you do not have to face dozens of choices in the mall and keep wondering about which product to choose? Then visit Amazon website. There are many diverse models for you to choose from with the warranty. In addition, Amazon always recommends for you the best products so that you do not waste your effort or time to buy.

4. How to clean the soda maker?

While the soda maker is fun and exciting, it also needs to be cleaned sometime. This is less fun and less excited than just to make soda. Nevertheless, the following article will provide a run down of how to effectively clean your Soda maker. 

The first is how to clean the bottles, as they are not machine-safe. This is probably the dirtiest part of the system. The first step is to simply wash the residue and soda out of the bottle with warm water. Next, add a little detergent to the bottle, just a little. Return warm water to the bottle and shake and swirl vigorously. When the bottle is completely filled with foam, let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then, wash the bottles or jars several times until they are completely free of detergent or residue. Let dry in a dish-drying rack or similar. 

The second part of the soda maker system is just the machine. This is much easier to clean than the bottles. First, wipe any residue and dust off the machine with a damp cloth. Make sure that you get in all the little corners and edges of the soda maker where particles may build up. If you used some soap  on the machine, wipe it down again with a damp cloth that does not have any soap on it. Finally, either gently dry it or let it air dry.  You should also buy machines that can be easily cleaned like SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Sparkling Water Maker.

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5. Why can't you put SodaStream bottles in the dishwasher?

Because every manufacturer has clearly stated on their packaging that soda bottles should not be placed in the dishwasher because the bottles are made of plastic and are likely to melt because of the temperature in the machine. So don't put bottles in the dish dryer for convenience, it will endanger your objects and damage them. You should clean bottles separately as we have just mentioned above. For the soda maker handheld, you can put them in the dishwasher, however our advice is that you should wash each part of the soda maker.

Final Thoughts

Soda makers are a huge trend right now. This product save money on soda purchases and they also reduce the amount of plastic waste that gets added to the environment, that is a win win! Beside, the sheer amount of drinks you can make with these machines is staggering  and there are tons of new recipes and ideas being released all the time. However, not everyone knows how to choose a suitable soda maker. After what was mentioned above we would like to summarize the best soda maker for you to choose from.

First to mention a convenient device for all families that is DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker. In addition to having the full features that not all soda makers have, DrinkMate is also intelligently designed and has three finishes to suit every decor. This is the best soda maker for you and the whole family if you want to enjoy a cool drink on a summer day. 

A great soda maker handheld that we cannot fail to mention here is the NitroPress Nitro Soda Maker. This soda maker is suitable for all cafes, restaurants, bars and even if you want a powerful aid to make fascinating drinks, it is also for your kitchen. Instead of using when o2 it uses Nitrogen gas, it will be safer for your health. 

Besides the two mentioned models, below are our other recommendations for different criteria: 

And that concludes what we’ve got to say about the best soda makers. We hope that this article can help you navigate through the selecting process. Don’t forget to tell us which micrơave is your favorite!

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