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15 Best Latte Machines for Latte Lovers to Buy in 2021

You want to enjoy lattes without wasting time going to the cafes? You're not the only one. A lot of people wondering how to make a delicious cups of latte at home. To do that, you need a great latte maker

Understandingt the huge demand of the market, we made the list of Best Latte Machines that are best sellers in 2021. With the support of 36,582 customers' reviews, here are 15 Best Latte Machines that you may be interested in. Hope that you can find out your favorite one after reading this article. Listed below are some major brands as Barsetto, Keurig, Philips Kitchen Appliances, SOWTECH, Mr. Coffee, EspressoWorks, Hamilton Beach, Breville.

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As you know, latte with a strong flavor of Italy, is the perfect combination between 2 main ingredients namely Espresso and milk. The enjoyment of Latte in the morning will help people feel more refreshed and alert, which helps to reduce the risk of skin cancer, etc. 

Buying a latte machine is associated with many important factors that you need to pay attention to. Here are some indispensable criteria about this kind of machine for you to consider:

1. Capacity of the machine

Capacity or power is an extremely important factor that anyone intending to buy a machine should also consider carefully. The needs of you and your family also affect the capacity of the machine.

When choosing a latte machine, you should pay attention to the boiler capacity because it will provide the amount of hot water in 1 brew, which reduces interruptions and time waiting. If the boiler capacity is too large, it will consume more energy. A cup of coffee usually has a standard capacity of 140ml, so you need to consider the number of people used in a day and the number of cups of coffee that can be brewed at a time, and choose a product with the right capacity. 

We recommend the NESCAFÉ Latte Machine when you serve fewer people around 10 cups per day. For more than this, Majesto NESCAFÉ Latte Machine is suitable for you because, with a large water tank capacity of 60 ounces, it can give you up to 30 cups of Latte per day. If you consider the number of family members and the number of visitors to your home, it is easy to calculate the amount of coffee you drink each day with your planned amount of coffee. 

Latte machines are usually located in a kitchen or dining room space, so it's important to check the size of the machine for your installation and storage location, without affecting your daily life. If you worry about your small kitchen space, Miroco Electric Latte Maker will eliminate this issue and it can be evenly portable because of its small dimensions that are 3.94 x 3.94 x 7.52 inches. 

In contrast, if you want to prepare a coffee machine for your restaurant or bar or bigger kitchen space, you should consider Gaggia Anima Latte Machine with 13.4”H x 8.7” W x 17”D of dimension and 60 oz of the reservoir. 

In addition, power is also the decisive factor in the working performance of the machine. The latte machines with a capacity of 900 to 1100W are suitable for families with little demand. Ones with larger capacity such as 1300W, 1450W, 1500W, or even high power machines over 1800W can meet most demands of bigger families.

2. Design of the machine

When choosing to buy a latte machine, you should pay attention to the design which is suitable for the kitchen space and the preparation area. Firstly, you look at the compact size and the eye-catching design. Actually, fashionable and beautiful machine design is still preferred on the market

Besides the beautiful appearance, the structure and design of functional parts are just important as it directly affects the quality of your latte. If you want to enjoy the maximum richness and deliciousness of the beans, the sieve that can extract the oil in the beans is your best bet. The filter is usually made of materials such as metal or polypropylene that need to be washed after use and can be reused many times. 

The machine that has the good filter we recommend here is the Keurig K-Latte Single-Serve Latte Machine. Some latte machines can use both sieve and filter paper, so please check for compatible filters before purchasing.

Next is the coffee pot. There are basically two types of containers, one is made of stainless steel and the other is made of glass. Stainless steel metal containers are both safe for the health of consumers and keep the beverage warmer. Therefore, for those who want to enjoy latte for a long time, a stainless steel jar with high heat retention is the optimal choice. 

With this stainless steel tank, Hamilton Beach Latte Machine is the most popular choice on the market today. Although you cannot check the amount of coffee after extraction, the jar is durable, easy to hold, or move to another location. 

Additionally, a glass container is suitable for those who usually drink coffee right after the extraction is complete. At the same time, the glass coffee pot helps you see every drop of coffee being extracted dripping down, so it is quite interesting. You will easily see the convenience of a glass jar during the use of the product Nespresso EN650W Gran Lattissima. However, the glass material does not withstand the force of impact and is fragile so you need to be careful when using it.

Overall, the best latte machines mentioned above have not only the eye-catching appearance and modern design of functional parts. Also, the material of which the machines are made is durable and safe for the user's health.

3. Extra functions of the machine

Latte machine lines have been prioritized to be selected by many convenience stores, buffet food service, offices, and families thanks to their outstanding advantages which include being fast, compact, easy to install, and easy to use. Many people love to use this product because of its convenience and high-quality coffee. Since the machine is integrated with a mixer, grinder, water system, the quality of each drop of extracted Latte is carefully nurtured from the charming roasted coffee beans.

Along with the same advantages as other conventional coffee machines, latte machines, especially automatic latte machines, are equipped with modern and advanced features that simplify the coffee-making process as well as bring about delicious coffee cups. Some typical automatic machines like Gaggia Automatic Coffee Machine are integrated with features from grinding to pressing, which compresses to help customers get a tasty cup of coffee in the fastest time. 

In addition, the Integrated Milk Foam feature helps create a smooth and the Creamy Foam layer helps you make yummy cups of latte. The machine Saeco PicoBaristo Super Automatic Latte Machine is equipped with ultra-fast preparation time with just two steps: setting the brewing mode according to taste and then pressing the button and waiting. All in all, luxurious and modern design, the small size makes the best latte machines very suitable for use in homes, offices, hotels ...

4. Your Budget

Honestly, Budget is considered one of the most essential consumers to take into consideration. When checking for a latte machine, you should choose from reputable brands in the market. The reason for this statement is that reputable brands always ensure the quality, durability, and effective features of their product at the cost of users. Furthermore, they also give warranty policies to help consumers feel more secure when using their items.

Currently, the latte machine price ranges from $80 to more than $900 based on their brand and extra function as well as capacity. Overall, it is necessary for you to consider the purchase price of the machine when shopping according to your financial conditions and demands in your home use or business. Moreover, remember to compare prices among product samples to evaluate and choose the most effective purchase.

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1. How does it work?

A delicious cup of coffee is not only determined by the quality of the coffee powder, but also on the steam pressure and water temperature when brewing.

When the coffee machine is operating, cold water enters the machine through a rotor that can rotate 30 r/m, there are four very strong springs that push 4 water valves to touch the baffle around its rim. 

When these valves rotate, they pull a quantity of water and push the water into the pipe with the water pressure increasing 3 times and flowing into the boiler in which the water will be heated up to 200 degrees Celsius . Once the temperature and pressure have reached a standard level and the steam is pushed to the coffee head, the water must be absorbed into each bean to create a great taste in the shortest time.

2. How to choose the best coffee beans?

Before brewing coffee, you must start with coffee beans. Coffee used for brewing must be a rustic coffee, not seasoned with flavor, butter or any other substance, as this will clog the machine, and cannot extract the coffee. Secondly, the coffee must be fresh, which means to be used within 7-9 days after being roasted depending on the type of coffee and the degree of roasting. The coffee machine parts and accessories need to be cleaned and dry.

3. How to clean the machine?

Here are some key parts that need regular cleaning after each use:

  • Clean Filter and handle of the coffee machine: After each preparation, you must dry the Filter to prepare for the next brew, avoid it for a long time to cause the coffee grounds to dry and plaque because the hot temperature is difficult to wash.

  • Clean the Headgroup of the coffee machine: You should use a single handle. Then, use a brush to clean the machine wall to the sieve. Then, Pour sanitary powder into the Filter into the Headgroup, press the On/Off button for coffee making 4 times, each time for 4-5 seconds.

  • Clean the steam hose of the coffee machine: Use a clean wet cloth to cover the hose and then steam for 10 seconds. Then, take out a clean towel and relax again within 10 seconds.

  • Clean the coffee machine's wastewater tray: You should pay attention that you should only wash it with plain water or specialized coffee machine washing water, do not use dishwashing liquid or cleaning detergent.

4. What are the precautions when using the latte machine?

  • For home coffee makers: Choose coffee makers that are small, easy to move and with a moderate capacity. Simple steps to make each morning you can make a delicious coffee quickly.

  • For coffee machines at offices, companies: Using a coffee machine to last a long time requires a high level of awareness because it is a common property. You can use the machine with the operation is not difficult, the waiting time is not long, so try to wait in line if there are too many.

  • Coffee machine at the store: People often use semi-automatic coffee machines at a coffee shop that specializes in selling coffee. All operations are divided into half machines, humans do half.

5. Does the latte machine consume a lot of electricity?

Depending on the model and type of coffee machine, it will have different power consumption. In fact, based on the needs of use as well as different types of machines, the amount of electricity will also vary. A latte machine with moderate capacity at home does not actually consume too much energy, so you can use peace of mind without worrying about your monthly electricity bill when using the coffee machine.

Final Thoughts

Nowaday, the need to use the latte machine has been increasing dramatically.  This is because their businesses and households function as well as its convenience and time savings in our busy life. It is undeniable that this kind of machine can help users to save costs with a variety of prices that are suitable for  each financial condition. The best latte machines have reputation of convenience and ease of use as well as the quality of coffee that is as delicious as a professional bartender

According our experience, the best latte machines recommended in our article can be suitable for you:

Above are our top picks about the best latte machine. We would like to emphasize that the best suggestion for you is Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine. Hopefully, this article will be useful for you to choose the best item suitable for your demands.