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Best Kitchen Faucets for Home Remodeling in 2021

When you think about the design of your home, the kitchen is an area that cannot be overlooked. To maximize the convenience in your kitchen, each and every component must be carefully selected, and Kitchen Faucet is not an exception.

Without a doubt, a high-quality kitchen faucet will facilitate your tasks, no matter it is ingredients preparing, cooking or dish-washing. Understanding this problem, we’ve done some research to finally bring you a complete review of the Best Kitchen Faucets available, as well as introducing some significant factors that you should keep in mind when deciding to make your purchase. Read on to discover our suggestions.

With the support from the objective reviews of consumers, we ranked the top 33 products you may be keen on the Best Kitchen Faucets. Listed below you will see major brands as WEWE, Moen, VFAUOSIT, DELTA FAUCET, OWOFAN, MSTJRY, BRIGENIUS, Kohler, RULIA, Cobbe, AIMADI, BWE, Fapully, KINFAUCETS, Kraus, EZ-FLO, Ufaucet.


Similar to any other tools and gadgets, kitchen faucets can be categorized into different groups. There are many ways to arrive at such a classification, yet within the scope of this article, we would consider two main factors that could be utilized to tell the faucets apart which are: first, the reach of these faucets; and second, their handles.

1. Based on the reach of kitchen faucets: Pull-down and Pull-out

  • Pull-down faucets

A pull-down kitchen faucet, for example the Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland, is probably the one you see most commonly because it’s widely used thanks to the fact that it’s so easy to handle. The tall neck and long hose give pull-down faucets more movement as well as a broader operating zone, thus you may find them way more flexible compared to other types.

However, bear in mind that due to their great lengths, pull-down faucets can take up a huge amount of kitchen space. If you have unlimited room and want to add the curve of a pull-down faucet into the sink as a decorative part then there won’t be any problem. Nevertheless, if your kitchen space is somewhat restricted (especially in the vertical direction), you may need to reconsider your decision.

When it comes to remarkable pull-down faucets, it would be such a big mistake if we don’t talk about the Kohler K-R10651-SD-VS Sous Kitchen Sink Faucet. This faucet comes with a spring covering the outside to give users more control over the washing process, as well as boosting flexibility by a wide margin.

  • Pull-out faucets

Pull-out faucets can be pulled out towards you rather than just be pulled straight down. You may think that by being manufactured in this way they would offer you better control, but the fact is totally opposite! Since a pull-out faucet can be directed at any direction, it’s generally harder to maneuver. Not only is the preparation for washing more complicated, but the washing process is more effort-consuming itself, as you have to place your utensils at a suitable angle for the best cleaning result.

Despite what seems to be a tangible disadvantage, pull-out faucets can be a real winner in tight sink space. When your area for the sink is blocked upwards by other items like a cabinet or a window, a pull-out faucet can neatly fit and solve your problems. If you’re searching for the best pull-out faucets, make sure to look at models like the Delta Cassidy 4197-AR-DST or the Pfister Pfirst Series Faucet, both of which deliver exceptional water-spraying performances.

2. Based on the handles of kitchen faucets: Single-handle, Dual-handle, and Touchless

  • Single-handle faucets

This minimalistic faucet type is so well-known for its ease of use. It has a long spout that is curved so that you can wash deep pots and pans under it with little to no difficulty. 

You can probably tell from the name that this line of kitchen faucets has only one lever, and this lever is used to control both the flow rate and temperature of the water. While one single lever may sound more convenient, the fact remains that it can be less accurate in temperature adjustment compared to dual-handle.

Even though there are indeed some certain limitations, if you’re a “convenience over anything else” type of consumer then single-handle faucets are definitely a great choice for you. Some of the most efficient single-handle faucets are the WEWE Single-Handle Faucet and the Moen 7294BL Arbor One-Handle.

  • Dual-handle faucets

Dual-handle faucets have two levers on two sides of the faucet. These levers control the hot and cold water flows separately, therefore you should check which is which before you start using to ensure safety. 

No matter whether the two handles are mounted together or not, dual-handle faucets usually require more time and effort to implement, so that’s another factor to take into consideration. It’s also worth mentioning that dual faucets do not take up as much space as they are told to do, so even when your kitchen is tight you can still find models that suffice.

If dual-handle faucets is your cup of tea, do not hesitate to check out these two models from Moen: the CA87888 High-Arc from Caldwell Collection and the 7255C Belfield Traditional, which comes in three different colors (chrome, oil-rubbed bronze and spot resist stainless).

  • Touchless faucets

This group of kitchen faucets is the latest to be created, they were launched long after the two more traditional groups which are single- and dual-handle. By integrating an infrared sensor, touchless faucets allow you to start the flow of water without having to directly touch the surface. 

Over the past few years, this kitchen faucet line has taken the world by storm. The reason behind this soaring development is pretty easy to explain: the sensor is an effective way to deal with the spread of bacteria coming from raw ingredients or waste. This is even more accurate during the pandemic since cleanliness is currently on the top of our priority list.

If you’re interested in touchless faucets, you cannot afford to miss out on the BioBidet FLOW Motion Sensor Kitchen Faucet. Besides all the perks of a standard touchless kitchen faucet, this model from BioBidet also comes in three colors including brushed nickel, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze, thus completing its missions while not interfering with the interior design.

Another outstanding product of this line is the Moen 7594EWORB Arbor Motionsense Wave Touchless Faucet. In addition to a standard one-sensor system, with this model, Moen actually offers you two more choices that are two-sensor and voice control (each type of sensor comes in four colors: chrome, matte black, oil-rubbed bronze and spot resist stainless).

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    AI Score is a ranking system developed by our team of experts. It from 0 to 10 are automatically scored by our AI Consumer Report tool based upon the data collected. This score has no relationship or impact from any manufacturer or sales agent websites.

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    AI Score is a ranking system developed by our team of experts. It from 0 to 10 are automatically scored by our AI Consumer Report tool based upon the data collected. This score has no relationship or impact from any manufacturer or sales agent websites.

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Buying Guides

After briefly introducing kitchen faucets and presenting some common ways to sort them out, now we want to take you to the next, also the most anticipated, section of our article: Buying Guides.

Let us take you through the four most important factors that you should not forget when you’re on the hunt for the best kitchen faucets.

1. Configuration

The configuration refers to the outline of the faucet’s network, or more specifically the mounting holes in the place where you plan to install the faucet. The number of mounting holes can run from one to four, with a four-hole configuration has three holes for the faucet and one for additional features such as a soap dispenser.

What will happen if you get the configuration wrong? If the sink, for instance, has more holes than needed, you end up having to insert panels to cover them up; meanwhile, lack of holes results in you having to create holes on your own. These situations are both tiring and troublesome, so for optimal use and convenience, the configuration ought to be correct.

Many faucets nowadays offer more than one choice for configuration. Take the Delta 9113-DST for example. This faucet is designed so that it could fit either a one-hole or three-hole configuration, as it features an optional deck plate that helps you switch to whichever suits you. The Delta 19964Z-KSSD-DST Kitchen Faucet also uses the same way to bring you four possible configurations in just one faucet.

2. Faucet material

It goes without saying that the material from which a faucet is manufactured has a strong influence on its durability. In most cases, we suggest customers not use faucets made from plastic, as they can get broken easily and the cost, time, as well as effort, poured into maintenance or repairment will certainly make you question your own previous choice. 

We recommend you choose a faucet whose material is brass (like the Brass Kitchen Faucet from Obdo) or stainless steel (like the Kraus KPF-2631SFS Oletto Faucet) because these materials not only ensure your faucet’s lifespan but also come in affordable prices.

3. Style

When thinking about the design of your kitchen as a whole, the last thing you want is for a single component to stand out. Consequently, the faucet you choose needs to be well-integrated in the vibe of the entire kitchen. To make sure that this happens, when shopping for a faucet, keep in mind the existing overall style. From utensils to decors, everything should be taken into account to yield an aesthetically pleasing kitchen area.

At the moment, there is a myriad of kitchen faucets from several suppliers all over the world, and with such a variety of products we believe that there’s always something that could go with your style. However, if you don’t know where to start, you can take a look at the stylish Kraus KPF-1610SS Faucet. We call this model stylish because it has a collection of 13 different colors, ranging from the more common ones like chrome and matte black to the fancier ones like brushed gold and spot-free antique champagne bronze, and even a mix of antique champagne bronze and matte black. 

4. Features

While many faucets are just basic and simple, there are various models that are equipped with additional features. These features often include touch-free technology, side spray, and soap dispenser.

Like what’s discussed above, touch-free technology uses an infrared sensor to activate the flow just by placing your hand at the right position. Regarding this feature, the Kohler K-72218-B7-VS Sensate Touchless Faucet is a worthy investment.

A side spray is an extra faucet of a smaller size that comes with the main system. The side spray is put next to the main faucet, yet they’re not connected so you can pull out the side spray at ease to finish your tasks better. A kitchen faucet that has great side spray is the Moen 7735SRS Brantford Faucet, so if your wish is to own a faucet with a side spray, do not overlook this model.

The soap dispenser is also a bonus that not every faucet has. Fortunately, we have a model here which features a soap dispenser that can certainly help you a lot in the kitchen: the Kingston Brass KB821K1 Faucet.

Overall, the availability of added features and accessories totally depends on your budget and how much you are willing to pay for your kitchen faucets. As a result, you should make a list of what you want and how much you’re ready to spend before making your final decision.

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1. What are center set faucets?

Centerset faucets are designed for countertops or sinks that have three holes, one for the main faucet and the remaining two for the handles which are typically put apart from each other by a few inches. 

In most cases, the main faucet and its two handles are mounted into one same unit like the Kingston Brass KS1271AXBS Heritage Kitchen Faucet, but there are also models whose main faucet and two levers come individually and they then have to be put together on a centerset plate like the PARLOS Demeter 14138.

2. What principles should I follow to choose the best kitchen faucet? 

The only principle here is that there is no principle! Just decide on what you truly need, what’s not really necessary but could be a nice bonus, what could be left out to cut down the cost because you never need it, etc. Make a list, do some research in advance and you’re ready to go!

3. Does the battery run out fast in touchless faucets?

Although there are numerous touchless models available and it appears to be impossible to find the traits they have in common, it can be agreed that their batteries are all long-lasting and efficient, even with heavy use.  Battery life is expected to be 1.5 - 2 years, after that you need to change the battery in order to keep your faucet operating.  

One thing to remember is the amount of batteries required. We recommend you check the batteries number as well as if they come in the package beforehand to prevent any potential problem.

4. How to clean kitchen faucets?

First and foremost, you need to clean your faucet regularly. This will help you get rid of residue or any unwanted parts in the system, allowing your faucet to operate more effectively and maintaining its durability.

Regarding the cleaning process of kitchen faucets, all you need is some warm water and a few drops of dish soap, and there it goes. Just clean it as you do with your own dishes, just not as frequently. 

5. How long does a typical kitchen faucet system last?

The lifespan of a system depends on many factors, such as the materials from which the system is made or how customers use the system. The stronger the materials, the longer the faucet system can operate.

Assume that your faucet uses a durable material like brass or stainless steel, and you use it daily for normal purposes, then you can expect at least 15 years from your kitchen faucet.

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Final Thoughts

To conclude today’s article on the best kitchen faucets, we want to talk about two absolute winners. Their characteristics are discussed below.

The first model is the WEWE Single-Handle Faucet. This faucet has 3 spray settings: stream for water rinsing, spray for rinsing, pause for splash avoiding when you need to do many tasks simultaneously. The installation is promised to take less than 30 minutes, the operation can be controlled easily by one single handle, the cleaning only requires a damp cloth, all of which makes this faucet a must-have in all kitchens.

Another phenomenal faucet is the Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland. The most noticeable advantage of this model is its strong and powerful spray. Thanks to ShieldSpray Technology, the 9178-AR-DST cuts through stubborn messes at ease, significantly cutting down the time you traditionally have to spend on soaking and scrubbing. It’s also simple to install, with versatility of one or three-hole. 

To provide you with a broader array of choices, let’s see our summary on the best kitchen faucets currently marketed:

And that wraps up what we’ve got to say about the best kitchen faucets. Hopefully you find our article helpful, and stay tuned for our future posts.

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