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The 12 Best Garbage Disposals - Top Consumers' Choices in 2021

Garbage disposals are a convenient way to get rid of food waste in the kitchen. But whether you’re seeking your first-ever disposal unit or looking to replace an old one, you’re going to want the best of the best. With the support of our Homeer team, we collected 71,887 objective reviews of consumers to rank the top 15 best garbage disposals.

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The kitchen sink is associated with the work of women every day. During the process of washing dishes, food processing, garbage will recoup and cause tube blockage, affecting the durability of the basin. It is advisable for you to use one of the best garbage disposals. This is your "powerful assistant" in today's modern kitchen. Join us to learn about the best garbage disposals and instructions for choosing the best one via the article of Homeer.


Kitchen food waste incinerators on the market can be divided into three categories: "biochemical type", "drying treatment type" and "grinding type". Should be considered according to the location of use and installation.

1. Biodegradable Type

Biodegradable type can decompose food waste, best suited for home gardens

If you are engaged in gardening or want to build your own organic vegetable garden, the "biodegradable" Garbage Disposals is the best suitable. The concept of biodegradation is the use of a substrate for fermentation and the use of microorganisms to break down food waste into water and carbon dioxide. Although the process can take several days, organic fertilizers are available after about a month.

However, most types of the best Garbage Disposals machine are relatively large in size, and it is not suitable for placing indoors, but since there is almost no sound during operation, it will not cause trouble for the neighbors when placed outdoors. Also, it is important to consider the cost of replacing fermentation material and possibly leaving the home upon disposal, which is a bit inconvenient.

2. Drying type

Drying type has a small size and reasonable price, convenient for daily use. The drying garbage disposal uses heat or air to dry the water in kitchen waste, can reduce the amount of kitchen waste in just a few hours, and can even be disposed of directly as garbage. And the price of this commodity is relatively affordable, combined with the characteristics of the small size, etc., it is only suitable for everyday use in general households.

However, this model requires a substantial amount of electricity and has a loud running sound and if you want to decompose the treated food waste, it needs to be buried for a long time before it can be recycled. use. However, there are two-function kitchen garbage disposals on the market that combine "biodegradation" and "drying". Although it's not that popular, if you don't know which model to buy, you can prioritize it.

3. Crushing type

Crushing type is no need to classify garbage, but pay attention to limit use. Crushing garbage disposals are connected to the kitchen drain through pipes. As long as the food waste and waste is poured into the sink, the machine will quickly turn the dough into small particles or even flour. After treatment is complete, drain the water into the drainage system without having to reopen the lid like other kitchen waste machines. It can be said that this is the most time-saving and labor-saving type.

However, depending on the performance of each product, it may not be possible to use hard bones such as bones or clam shells. And most of these models will generate considerable noise, plus some models need professional masters for installation. If you are renting a house or banned by construction regulations, you can just give up the idea of ​​using it.

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Buying Guides

Today many families use the best garbage disposals as a necessary device when installing the sink. Because the product not only prolongs the life of the sink but also contributes to protecting the living environment. So when buying a device, what should be noted?

1. Appropriate size

Garbage disposal tools come in different sizes. However, it seems that in many cases, the larger the waist size, the more powerful and advanced the machine is. Why? Only the large chassis has room for a large engine with strong torque.

The small garbage disposal machine has a compact design like ...., clearly not suitable for handling space for 3/4 or 1 HP engines. Also, the large motor makes a lot of noise, which means multiple layers of sound insulation are required. Hence, a larger machine will be more powerful and/or quieter. Regardless, if you want a wardrobe in the kitchen, you'll need to check the cabinet under the sink to make sure it has enough room to hold a portion. If you are a large family with a small sink, you may want to consider remodeling your kitchen counter.

2. Noise level

To be honest, all the best garbage disposal machines make noise, but some dispose of them are noisier than others. When choosing how to dispose of garbage, if you are a noise sensitive person then you will want to carefully consider the noise level that best suits you.

To make your selection easier, we've relied on reliable market reviews of the lowest noise models for you to match. If you're troubled by loud noises, you might be a good candidate for the InSinkErator Evolution Excel, while those with less sensitive ears may be satisfied with Evolution XTR or even Badger 5 models which are slightly louder than InSinkErator. However, a smaller quantity usually requires a larger budget. Machines with better sound insulation are usually more advanced and more expensive. If you're trying to spend as little as possible, then the cheaper but noisier Waste King L-8000 or Badger 5  will suit your needs.

It should be noted that in addition to the processor itself, other factors can also affect noise levels. If you value your peace and quietness, you may want to make sure your sink is soundproof to avoid amplifying the noise of the associated waste. Today, all the best sinks come with foam coatings and deodorant pads. If your sink lacks these features, it may be time to upgrade.

3. Strength of the motor 

The power of the engine not only determines the amount of waste you can throw away - it also determines how much can actually crush anything. The best Garbage Disposal with stronger engines can handle harder, smoother trash than a weaker engine. This is important because the finer the grinding, the less likely it is to clog the drain.

That said, weaker models are quite common in certain groups. 1/3 HP series is the weakest in the market but is selling very well. This could be because these models are more affordable, or simply because 45% of the adult US population is single and can live in small apartments or studios with no space for tissue.

1/2 powerful HP models and a more ideal choice for small homes. Both HP motors are recommended for use in frequent light only and require gentle handling. If you're curious about how our options compare to grind capacity, we've prepared a chart to illustrate it.

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1. Is the garbage disposal harmful to the environment?

For developed countries in Europe, Asia or America, the garbage disposal machine has become an indispensable modern device in the kitchen of many families. Because they are considered as the basic solution to help quickly destroy the waste left over from food such as leftovers, vegetable peels, fresh food peels, fish bones, meat bones after a day of cooking. Moreover, using the best garbage disposal is also a civilized way to contribute to environmental pollution, thanks to its ability to crush waste into tiny particles, which then drift along the water system and disappear.

2. What should I pay attention to during use?

  • If the garbage disposal has trouble grinding the citrus peel, add a few extra ice cubes.

  • You should avoid pouring oil down the drain hose. Oil causes food to stick to the wall of the tube and build up deposits in the tube, causing water to drain slowly.

  • When cleaning the incinerator, turn on the hot water tap and pour some vegetable oil or any other oil into the machine. Continue to let the hot water melt for about 10 seconds after you pour about a cup of oil down. Then you can pour the bleach down the drain and keep running for another 2 minutes.

  • Be sure to turn off the power supply of the garbage disposal machine before bringing your hands closer to the machine. The blades of the machine are very sharp, and you could suffer serious injury if the machine suddenly turns on while cleaning it.

3. How to clean this machine?

The kitchen Garbage Disposals is a great device to get rid of food crumbs in no time. Despite its self-cleaning function, the garbage disposal sometimes requires your attention to stay in good condition and prevent odors. This article will guide you step-by-step how to safely clean your garbage disposal and deodorize:

  • Manually remove the jammed objects

If there is a large object stuck in the waste cleaner, you will have to remove it before you start cleaning it. The first important thing to do is to disconnect the circuit breaker that supplies the power to the device. This is to make sure the machine does not turn on during cleaning. You can also disconnect the power from the bottom of the sink, depending on the design of the machine.

  • Water flush

 Just rinsing in will remove loose dirt. Close the sink stopper, spray a little detergent and turn the hot water running into the sink to 5-10 cm. Remove the stopper and turn on the garbage disposal to let the water drain.

  • Use ice cubes and salt

Crushing ice and salt in the Garbage Disposals is a great way to remove dirt and debris from the blender. Pour 2 cups of ice cubes into the garbage disposal, then add 1 cup of salt ice.

  • Scrub with an old cleaning brush or toothbrush

You can clean the inside of the waste cleaner with an old toothbrush or a toothbrush designed for the garbage disposal. If possible, remove the strainer above the drain hole first, for easy viewing and easy brushing.

4. How to operate the garbage disposal?

Remember that you should never put grease, grease in the trash. You need to filter things that should not be put in the trash. Here are some tips for you to operate this tool in the right way:

  • First, fill the sink with cool water before turning on the fill mode. Find out why cool water in treatment is best.

  • Before placing any food waste in the disposal bin, turn it on first

  • Next, gradually put leftovers in the handling bin, avoiding large amounts of leftovers being spilled at the same time as it can slow down grinding.

  • Then, once the food waste has been decomposed, turn off the trash and let the water run for a few seconds to flush the drain.

5. What items should I not put into?

A common misconception is that anything and everything can be trash. In fact, there are some items that should never be thrown away. This includes crumbs from a wide variety of common foods.

  • Fruits and vegetables

  • Eggshell

  • Cooking oil/grease

  • Pasta

  • Coffee grounds

  • Rice

If you have a reputable brand's large and powerful garbage disposal equipment, some of the items listed above may be included in the device. However, to prevent potential problems and ensure your trash can have the best life expectancy, you should avoid the above items.

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Final Thoughts

Garbage disposals are environmentally friendly products. It helps you to solve the problems of waste, pipe congestion effectively. This is the device suitable for the modern development trend. Through our description above, here are some best garbage disposals expected to recommend: 

In summary, above is our recommendation of the best garbage disposals and the experience in buying a good one. Hopefully this information will be your great assistant helping you with the right decision to choose your best item.