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The 23 Best Espresso Machines in June 2021

Enjoying a delicious cup of coffee each morning in no time will make your working day more productive and refreshing. Coffee has the function of making the human mind more alert and active. Among the famous coffees in the world, Espresso is considered as an easy-to-drink and Italian-flavored coffee. To have a delicious cup of coffee in the right tone is not easy, you not only need the full recipe but also the tool base. To serve the increasing demand of consumers, the coffee machines were widely launched in the world, especially espresso machines.

Perhaps, because there are a variety of espresso machines on the market with different prices, sizes and uses, consumers often have something to wonder when choosing to buy one. So in this article, we will review for you some of the best espresso machines and information included.

With the support from 59,483 objective reviews of consumers, we ranked the top 23 products you may be keen on the Best Espresso Machines. Listed below you will see major brands as: JASSY, Breville, SOWTECH, Mr. Coffee, EspressoWorks, De'Longhi, Brewsly, Bonsenkitchen, Nestle Nespresso, Flair, Philips Kitchen Appliances, Sboly, KLARSTEIN, Capresso, Jura.


1. Moka pot/ Stovetop Espresso Makers

As a revolution in the kitchenware industry, the Moka pot and Stovetop Espresso Makers is a product that has impressed users with a completely new approach without spending a lot of money to buy the espresso machine. You can still make wonderful pots of Espresso or Cappuccino at home for the whole family. 

In terms of quality and timeless design, the Moka pot makes coffee with the pressure created when the water is boiled. So the coffee will have a thin layer of crema on top, almost similar to making espresso with a professional machine of tens of millions. Launched in 1919 in Italy, has undergone nearly 100 years of development, the classic Moka Espresso pot is still the most loved model with more than 200 million pots sold worldwide. Technically, Stovetop Espresso Machine is made from 100% high-quality aluminum alloy, thick and strong. The unique 8-sided design allows perfect heat diffusion to enhance coffee aroma. Aluminum is known to capture and transfer heat well. 

Moreover, using coffee pots will give you a richer coffee flavor, for those who want to enjoy coffee that is in a more stylish, professional way. It can be said that making and drinking coffee is also considered an art, especially making coffee with a vase is the most sophisticated in the ways of making coffee. A Moka Pot machine adopts the pressure of the hot steam passing through the pure coffee powder. It was first introduced in Italy, in 1933. People love to use the Moka Pot for many reasons - like its simplicity, its history, or the whispering of coffee that captures the hearts of coffee lovers. In fact, Moka pots can also make delicate Espresso, not bad at all. Moka Pot comes in many different sizes. Usually made from aluminum with a synthetic resin handle. This Espresso machine can use fire or electric oven to prepare.

2. Semi-automatic/ Automatic Espresso Makers

Automatic and semi-automatic coffee machines are two commonly used equipment today. If you are wondering which to buy, join us to learn more about the pros and cons of each to have the best choice!

Automatic espresso makers is a device equipped with all the features from grinding, pressing to compression to bring you a cup of delicious coffee. With the use of an automatic Espresso machine, you just need to put coffee in the machine and choose the brewing mode, the rest of the process will be automatically carried out. Here are some advantages of automatic coffee makers: 

  • Save time on preparation, because you only need to do 2 steps.

  • Thanks to the ability to create smooth foam, the machine brings you delicious, standard glasses of Cappuccino or Espresso.

  • The machine is equipped with the function of setting the preparation mode, satisfying each individual taste.

  • Compact and luxurious design, suitable for spaces such as offices, homes, …

  • Many automatic coffee machines are also equipped with an automatic cleaning mode.

The automatic coffee machine is suitable for use in the office environment. For office workers, a cup of coffee will bring the spirit of alertness, fighting sleep. The automatic Espresso Machines will help them get a delicious cup of coffee quickly and conveniently. Moreover, the automatic coffee machine will also be a suitable choice for families if every morning you want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee without spending much time waiting. In addition, thanks to the convenience of automatic coffee makers in making, it can also be used for venues such as restaurants and hotels.

As for Semi-automatic Espresso Makers, they are machines that can only brew coffee in powder form, not equipped with a coffee bean grind function. The advantage of semi-automatic machines includes:

  • Equipped with traditional whipping spout, helping to create extremely beautiful cups of Cappuccino or Espresso.

  • The large capacity boiler comes with a powerful capacity, providing the ability to mix many and continuously.

  • Eye-catching design, suitable for business spaces such as cafes, restaurants, etc.

  •  The price is lower than that of automatic coffee machines.

With the ability to brew many and continuously, the semi-automatic Espresso machines will be the ideal choice if you need to prepare business coffee at cafes, restaurants or resorts, etc.

3. Super-Automatic Espresso Makers

A coffee machine with the phrase "super-automatic" is used to refer to the type of coffee grinder - compacting the espresso and then pushing the coffee grounds into the pulp container. These machines are more expensive but of course, they serve very well for high-performance areas. In places like fast food bars, hotels, and many more places where "speed" is needed rather than a barista, and the "main" product is a different product, not a product. Another advantage is that the super-automatic machines give almost identical coffee cup quality, providing you with product consistency across each type of coffee, Espresso, etc.

It is easy to see that many product types are in fact much more important in terms of quality and that they also take up less space. Compared with a traditional coffee machine, you have to train the barista, have to strictly ensure everything, even comply with customer commitments, the super-automatic machine is a perfectly suitable choice, only with a finger button, you get a tasty coffee. You will also minimize the making time. If you really turn it into cash, the super-automatic Espresso machine line is the fastest payback machine for the investor in the investment phase at the start.

The structure of the super-automatic coffee maker is quite complicated, so strict machine cleaning is required. Modern Espresso machines usually have two coffee grinders and a whipping nozzle, and often have many other features such as a milk fridge for customers to self-serve, accepting payments by swiping cards. Like other coffee machines, besides the features of the machine, you also have to choose based on the capacity of the coffee shop to choose the right coffee machine.

4. Manual Espresso Machines

The coffee industry revolution has changed the global trend. Every piece of equipment has been astonishingly breakthrough and one of them is not to mention the manual Espresso machines with compact and convenient design. 

No need for electricity or any complicated equipment. Manual machine has a unique and modern timeless but still retains its simplicity that will surprise you. Not only keeping the timeless design style of the early versions, but these machines have also been redesigned with double pressure chambers and remain a BPA-free material that is safe to use and always gives you the most perfect crema.

Here are the outstanding features of the manual Espresso machines:

  • Simple, creative, crafted espresso machine.

  • Unique modern design.

  • Small and portable.

  • Pressure up to 10 bar (depending on your pressing force).

  • Upgraded over the old version from the pressure chamber to the included accessories.

  • No electricity needed.

  • Double spout included making two cups of coffee at the same time.

  • Easy to make espresso cups.

  • A cup of coffee is easier than ever. Just need a little coffee and hot water to warm up and you will have a perfect cup of Espresso.

In general, the manual coffee maker is a piece of specialized preparation equipment indispensable for professional cafes, a real assistant for the barista. Especially not to mention the automatic coffee grinder lines: modern, durable, evenly powdered coffee. But even that does not mean the manual coffee grinder "lost". 

In fact, many baristas prefer to use a manual coffee maker rather than an automatic one, to ensure they have complete control over the coffee powder level. In short, if you prefer to use a manual espresso machine then take a close look at the features we mentioned above.

5. Bean-To-Cup Espresso Machines

Most Bean-to-cup Espresso machines do the entire brewing process, from grinding the grain to the milky texture, behind a towering plastic, metal, and chrome facade. 

Previously, the bean-to-cup also often offered flavored drinks as if they were brought from the Flavia office. This is due to various errors in the stirring process (compressing the ground coffee before squeezing the juice through it), maintaining the correct water temperature during the extraction, and some of the crimes that are actually quite horrible against milk. The best cup-to-cup Espresso machines are getting better today. They use a completely different approach, with a proper gate filter like those on a cafe espresso machine, so they're less simple. But it's still hardly rocket science, and the ends prove the vehicle.

One thing that bean-to-cup grinders are especially good these days is the texture-free milk, so they are especially appealing to those who love a latte, cappuccino, flat whites, and large cups filled with hot milk. In my opinion, if all you ever drank was milk-free espressos and Americanos, then you'd be bad at buying most beans to cup, but hey - that's your money.

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    AI Score is a ranking system developed by our team of experts. It from 0 to 10 are automatically scored by our AI Consumer Report tool based upon the data collected. This score has no relationship or impact from any manufacturer or sales agent websites.

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Buying Guides

If you are a coffee lover and passionate about this particular drink, then you will want to buy a coffee machine so you can make a cup of coffee to sip at home. Although the method of making by hand with a filter is still quite popular, the cheaper and cheaper espresso machines are increasingly used by many families. So which type of coffee machine is good, cheap and suitable for home use? The experience of choosing to buy a coffee machine in this article will help you choose the right product.

1. The features

The best flavors from the coffee beans are first released during brewing. And if you brew the coffee with water that is too hot or for too long, the best flavors may be lost. Conversely, if the water is not hot enough or you brew it too quickly, the coffee will taste bitter and sour. That is the reason that the quality coffee maker produces much better brewing results than the manual method because it has good control over brewing time and water temperature. And the optimal time to brew a cup of coffee is usually around 6-8 minutes, depending on the form of brewing. A good Espresso maker will be shown in the ability to control the factors that affect the quality of the coffee cup.

In the principle of operation, coffee machine products often have pressure compressors. This compressor pushes water heated at high temperature and pressure into the coffee powder. Thanks to that, more coffee essences can be extracted, bringing delicious coffee beans. In many product lines, the input material is not powder but coffee beans. Meanwhile, the coffee is finely ground, increasing the contact area of ​​coffee powder and water to help extract better and give a better coffee cup.

Professional and high-end Espresso machine products used in luxury restaurants and cafes have popular prices from a few tens of million dong. These machines always integrate the coffee bean grinding system into powder. Therefore, the cost of buying coffee will be cheaper than coffee powder and also ensure the quality is not mixed with other powder. These espresso machines can brew coffee according to the user's preferences by pressing the optional button such as Espresso, Latte, Macchiato, Cappuccino, etc. Or the machine can be made according to the degree of lightness, different temperature depending on your preferences.

High-end Espresso makers also have the ability to control water temperature, milk temperature, the warmth of a cup of coffee, the amount of coffee needed for a cup of coffee is very precise. Especially coffee is extracted to the maximum, has a high concentration to help save coffee usage and ensure delicious coffee taste.

2. Your kitchen space (Appropriate Size)

You want to own an espresso machine that fits your kitchen space, first of all, it must meet the individual needs and needs of your family. This is determined by calculating the total number of cups the machine can serve you in one use, the amount of vfa water as well as your favorite coffee to choose the right machine. Once you have identified your needs, you can choose for yourself either the smaller or larger ones.

Then you go to the next step to consider the size of your kitchen. If your family kitchen has a modest space, then surely a large apparatus is not a wise choice. Instead, small or medium-sized machines like De'Longhi EC680M Espresso or Capresso Steam PRO Espresso will contribute to making your kitchen tidy. On the contrary, if you intend to open a beverage shop or restaurant with spacious kitchen space, the machines with a large capacity and size like Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine will be the best choice for you. Remember that before choosing to buy a home coffee machine, you should refer to its size, measure, approximate whether it will fit the kitchen table, tray, or on the top of your refrigerator. Currently with each product will come with specific parameters of length, width, and depth.

3. Cleaning and Maintenance

The factors of cleaning and maintaining the Espresso machines are also considered to play an important role in creating a professional and quality coffee machine. Cleaning the coffee machine is an extremely important job that we need to do daily and periodically. Keeping the coffee machine clean not only prolongs the life and long-term use but also helps you to make the purest, delicious espresso cups. So, when choosing to buy a coffee machine, pay attention to the machines that are easy to clean, and at the same time it provides a full range of cleaning tools for your convenience in the cleaning process.

The use of Espresso machines has become more and more popular among coffee shop owners in recent years. Your property Espresso maker that makes your coffee cups more perfect, the routine maintenance care is essential, remember that “nothing is everlasting forever. When buying a machine, you should pay attention to the store's monthly maintenance specifications. This is because if the manufacturer provides regular maintenance incentives it will help prevent damage early and prolong the life of the espresso machine. You cannot detect damage in time without checking, thus affecting the operation safety and durability of the machine. The phase machine is composed of many different parts, including mechanical and electronic parts. Therefore, during use, the wear and tear of the components if not checked and replaced, it will cause danger during use, the life of the coffee machine and its components is reduced. Periodic maintenance checks will help prevent damage early and prevent hazards.

4. Aesthetics

A beautiful and eye-catching coffee machine will always capture the buyer's attention at first sight. The aesthetics of the machine will depend on the decoration and color of your kitchen. Choosing the color of the mixer that matches the tone of the paint color of the kitchen makes sure it blends into your kitchen. Espresso machines were born with a variety of designs and colors for you to choose from, from yellow Delonghi espresso maker EC200N-Y to white De'Longhi 15 bar Pump Espresso Maker, EC702 or black Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Espresso. Along with that is the luxury design or the usual simple design, each color and style, whether simple or luxurious, will be suitable for each type of kitchen. Consider carefully the color and layout of your kitchen before choosing to buy a model because the machine can only achieve peak aesthetics when it is placed in a suitable kitchen space.

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1. How can I use a Moka Pot to make Espresso?

Instructions for making coffee with Moka pots:

  • Step 1: Buy or grind about 20-22 grams of pure coffee yourself. Check out the best coffee grinders if you don't have one.

  • Step 2: Pour boiled water into half of the Moka pot.

  • Step 3: Put the metal filter cap inside the bottom of the Moka pot.

  • Step 4: Pour in the coffee powder and shake gently to spread the coffee powder evenly.

  • Step 5: Squeeze the upper part of the Moka Pot.

  • Step 6: Place the Moka Pot on the stove slowly over medium heat. 

When the water just boils, the force of water will gradually push the coffee lines up the top of the jar. If there are bubbles, your water is already quite hot, and if there are bubbles of air bubbles, increase the heat. When finishing, you should be able to hear the screeching and the bubbling of bubbles and then enjoy it.

2. How to clean an Espresso machine?

Here are some easy steps for you to clean your Espresso Machine regularly.

Machine cleaning:

  • Step 1: Use a cleaning brush to clean the shower screen and the small nooks and crannies of the group head to remove residual coffee grounds.

  • Step 2: Remove the filter basket and install a blind filter into the mixing hand. Then, attach the phase hand to the group head for the purpose of not letting water drain down

  • Step 3: Press the refractive index button, hold it for 5-10 seconds and then turn it off. Repeat 4-5 times

  • Step 4: Wipe off the group head with a soft cloth

  • Step 5: Then remove the tray (trip tray) under the group head cleaned with plain water

  • Step 6: Get dry and wipe off the dust around the machine.

After whipping, you must vent and wipe immediately, if left for a long time, the residue will close inside and cause clogging of the steam, resulting in weak steam that makes it difficult to whip and of course the steam will have a bad smell. Here are some steps to clean the steam hose:

  • Step 1: Take 1 cup of cold water, perform the same operation as whipping.

  • Step 2: Replace the water shift and repeat step 1 2-3 times

  • Step 3: Soak the steam in the last mug of hot water to dissolve the milk residue in the steam. Soak until cleaning the throat extract (group head).

  • Step 4: Remove the water mug from the steam hose, relax and use a soft cloth to dry the faucet

3. What are the differences between semi-automatic and automatic Espresso machines?

  • The definition

    • Automatic Espresso maker: It is a coffee maker with integrated features from grinding to pressing, compressing to have the best espresso cup.

    • Semi-automatic Espresso maker: It is a type of coffee machine that can only brew powdered coffee, and does not have the function of grinding coffee.

  • The Advantages

    • Automatic espresso machine

      • Ability to create soft foam to create delicious cappuccino and latte.

      • Time to make a quick concoction with only 2 manipulations.

      • The function of setting the preparation mode according to each taste.

      • Luxurious design is suitable for home, office…

    • Semi-automatic espresso machine

      • The pot has a large capacity, a strong capacity for fast and continuous preparation.

      • The function of setting the preparation mode according to each taste.

4. How to decorate espresso cups with machine tools?

  • Step 1: Pour milk into the whisk

If you want to use 300ml of milk, use the one that can hold 400ml, and if you want to use 400ml of milk, use the one that holds 600ml of milk. Note that there should always be a space for the milk to foam, preferably only half as shown above.

  • Step 2: Create foam from whipping

Your first hard job is to foam the milk. Holding the whiff in the direction of the spout, look at the picture and imitate exactly. The key to this is to make the milk in the rotation, and the steam will make the milk itself.

  • Step 3: Create art for Espresso cups

Slowly pour the milk foam into the Espresso cup, keep your hands steady so that the milk flow is always steady, then the time will come when the white bubbles emerge, we believe you will feel.

5. What is the common problem when using this machine?

On the market today there are many types of coffee machines with different price segments of the same quality, the most important thing is that you need to know how to use them to be able to create quality products. Quality here includes aroma, color, and flavor factors. Here are some common problems you should pay attention to when using the machine:

  •  The Espresso machine does not work

That is to turn on the switch but the machine has no signal to power up. For this problem, first, you need to power off the machine. Then check the power supply again for signs of short-circuiting, fire, or whether the power supply is working properly.

  • Vapor pressure drop error

Espresso machines with low capacity or have been in use for a long time will experience fluctuations in the amount of water in the boiler. This causes more pressure drop errors.

  • Uncertain temperature, temperature shortage during phase

Water temperature is one of the most important factors determining the quality of the coffee. The coffee cup will have a plump and balanced taste if extracted at the ideal temperature. Conversely, too low or too high temperature will prevent you from getting a perfect espresso.

  • The sniffing hose is weak

The weak phase of the steam generator is due to the pressure drop in the boiler. Prevent the steam from reaching the standard enough pressure for whipping. Therefore, in addition to checking the amount of water in the boiler, you also need to check and clean the steam hose regularly. To make sure they don't get clogged.

Final Thoughts

Owning an espresso machine with full features, powerful capacity and eye-catching design at an affordable price is always the wish of housewives. With each demand, kitchen space and individual requirements, consumers have a different way of choosing coffee machines. Through the information in the article, we can conclude that the best espresso machines on the market today are as follows:

In summary, above is our article including our experience and information about the main types of espresso machine, buying guides and some FAQs as deciding to buy a machine. Hopefully, these detailed descriptions will help you as much as possible to choose the best Espresso Machines.