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The Best Convection Toaster Ovens in 2021: Top-Rated & Reviews

With so many outstanding features such as compact design, shortening cooking time, taking up small counter space, toaster ovens have become a desired product for many households. In today’s article, we’re gonna present to you some of the best convection toaster ovens as well as the key factors to help you search for one.

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In the past few years, the toaster oven has gradually gained popularity among homecooks for its ability to effectively substitute both a traditional oven and a toaster while taking up a small amount of counter space. A convection toaster oven, applying the principle of convection, shortens cooking time quite substantially in comparison with other kitchen appliances. In most cases such a device doesn’t take much time to preheat, so it’s absolutely suitable for those living on a tight schedule or simply don’t want to spend some extra time preparing before actually cooking.

With so many benefits, toaster ovens have become a desired product for many households. In today’s article, we’re gonna present to you some of the best convection toaster ovens as well as the key factors to help you search for one.

Best products

After thorough research, we’ve found the best convection toaster ovens on the market at the moment. They are all high-quality products that deliver superb performance, and they are listed below in no particular order.

1. Oster Toaster Oven

This 6-slice toaster oven from Oster is a spacious one that can accomodate a 12-inch pizza, a whole chicken or a pan of cookies. With convection technology implemented a wide temperature range running from 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, it can function as an oven while at the same time saving up so much time.

The Oster Toaster Oven allows you to choose from 7 preset functions including bake, broil, toast, pizza, defrost and warm, and you can freely customize these functions according to what you prefer. It also features an interior lighting system which lets you see what’s happening inside when your oven is in use and a removable crumb tray for easy cleanup.

2. Cuisinart TOB-260N1 Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven

If you’re willing to spend a little more money, you’ll certainly find yourself satisfied by the exceptional performance that the Cuisinart TOB-260N1 offers. Coming with 15 cooking functions including innovative dual cook and speed convection, it is safe to say that this model is one of the most multifunctional out there. You can choose which function you want to use with the help of a large blue backlit display and LED buttons.

Its spacious capacity of 0.95 cubic foot allows for a 13-inch pizza, or a 9 x 13-inch pan so you can make your own lasagna at the comfort of your home. During the cooking process, you can easily see how your food is handled with an interior light. Getting your food out of the oven once it’s finished is no longer a difficult task when you get a convenient auto-slideout rack. 

3. Breville BOV800XL Smart Convection Toaster Oven

The 1800-watt toaster oven from Breville is one of the nicest appliances you can add to your kitchen. Featured the company’s famous Element IQ, this model maintains temperature like no others. All the best features related to heat distribution are expressed through 9 cooking functions that’s guaranteed to make cooking a breeze. 

This model is sufficient to feed a standard family with its capacity to hold 6 slices of toaster. You can fit a 13-inch pizza into this product of Breville, so if you’re living with some other people the BOV800XL is undoubtedly a smart choice.

4. Hamilton Beach 31123D Convection Toaster Oven

Convenience is a strength of the 31123D Oven from Hamilton Beach. With the roll top door being able to move up, you can have easy access to your food before, during and after cooking. This rolling door also helps in cleaning since it can be moved out of the way of messy drips and spills. In addition, the newly designed contoured knobs make the oven safer and easier to maneuver.

Not only does it provide significant functions including convection, bake, broil and toast but this model also has 2 rack positions and an accompanied bake pan, broadening the scope of which dishes you can make. The capacity is adequate as it can accomodate 6 slices of toast, a 12-inch pizza or a 9 x 11-inch bake pan. 

5. BLACK+DECKER TO3250XSB Convection Toaster Oven

With this spacious oven from BLACK+DECKER, you can fit most 9 x 13-inch pans with handles, which means there’s no need to buy an extra pan just to use with the oven and the food can be transferred straight from the oven to the table. Moreover, the package contains a baking/broiling pan that facilitates insertion and removal of food, as well as a toasting rack.

Heat generation and distribution is what’s worth the money in this model. As the name’s already suggested, this oven uses convection heating in which a powerful fan is implemented to circulate hot air throughout the chamber for faster, more even cooking. Implemented advanced heating elements let temperatures in the oven fall lower than your set point, and these elements are taken into account to lead to the construction of temperature dial settings that deliver desired results for almost every recipe. Finally, a 60-minute timer is equipped, accompanied by the stay-on functionality for longer baking tasks. 

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Buying Guides

1. Price

Convection toaster ovens come in various prices. No matter what your budget is, you’ll be able to find one that suits you. From affordable models that’s less than $200 to premium-quality appliances that can cost $1000, price tags indeed depend on the features offered.

If you only need a basic oven that helps with day-to-day tasks like making breakfast, there’s no need to splurge on an expensive model with all the fancy stuff that you never actually use. In that case, a model like the BLACK+DECKER TO1313SBD Toaster Oven will definitely suffice. However, if you have more to spend and are willing to pay the extra money for added features, take a look at products offered by high-end brands like Brava.

2. Size and Capacity

When adding a new appliance to your kitchen, the last thing you want is for it to take up every inch of your counter space. Therefore, to ensure that the new toaster oven fits neatly on your counter, our advice is to always check its dimensions in advance. You can find this piece of information with no difficulty from the supplier’s website or by shopping directly at a store, so don’t forget such an important task. It would be useless if you know an oven’s measurements but fail to see whether it’s compatible with your kitchen top, so if you’re unaware, measure your space as well.

Many manufacturers now are aiming at creating products that are convenient for storage, their items are either compact or designed in a special way that takes up much less space when stored correctly. If you’re interested, check out the Ninja SP101 Toaster Oven which can be flipped away and stored vertically to save up 50% space.

Capacity is equally significant. In the end, it would mean nothing if you aim to save space and end up buying an oven that can’t fulfill your needs. Besides, the interior of convection toaster ovens shouldn’t be too small otherwise hot air can’t be circulated evenly, which eventually causes harm to your own device. But buying one that’s bigger than what you actually need is unnecessary either, you don’t want to waste your money like that. Consequently, you need to think carefully to find a balance between size and capacity (and probably price).

If you only cook for yourself or for a household of two, smaller units are adequate. Nonetheless, if you’re responsible for a larger family, you may want to settle for a model that’s higher in capacity, one like the Oster French Convection Toaster Oven that can accommodate two 16-inch pizzas is your match.

3. Cooking Functions

What type of personality do you have as a cook: safe and basic or adventurous? The answer to this question more or less decides what suits you the best when it comes to the preset functions on your toaster oven.

Every convection toaster oven features standard settings like toasting, baking and broiling, so if your goal is simplicity you don’t need to care much about the functions included. However, if you want your device to be more versatile, search for a machine that combines different functionalities into one unit. 

Cuisinart is a brand known for incorporating various presets into their products. Models like the Cuisinart TOB-260N1 Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven or the Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Oven Airfryer are all highly multifunctional, allowing you to substitute many appliances with just a single device. If you want to go even harder on cooking presets, you can consider the Breville BOV900BSS Smart Oven Countertop Convection Oven which offers a set of 13 pre-programmed functions.

4. Accessories

Most convection toaster ovens come with a crumb tray, a rack, and baking pan. That being said, many models do feature additional accessories, and the number of these add-ons depend on how much you’re willing to spend. Generally speaking, the more you spend, the more you get, so it’s a matter of fact that if you buy an oven with higher price, chances are that you get extra racks and baking pans.

Keep in mind that when there are more removable components involved, more cleaning is required. You have to clean your accessories equally thoroughly to avoid accumulation of bits or oil that may clog up and wreak havoc on your oven. Thus, consider every detail before determining on purchasing a unit that contains numerous accessories.


1. What types of food can be made with a convection toaster oven?

A convection toaster oven is a perfect cross between the bulky conventional oven and a small, less versatile toaster so it is safe to say that it has the best of both worlds. You can make anything you traditionally make with a conventional oven in a convection toaster oven, and the food quality would be the same (if not to say better thanks to convection technology that circulates the heat more evenly). Many models now even have the air frying function, thus being a decent alternative for an air fryer.

From savoury dishes like broiled meats and roasted veggies to sweets and desserts, you can do anything with this compact yet  powerful workhorse. As long as you have a recipe to try out, the possibilities are endless.

2. Is there any difference between the quality of food made by cheaper convection toaster ovens and by high-end ones?

From our search, the discrepancy in prices actually has more to do with quantity than quality. More expensive models have a tendency to offer you more pre-programmed settings than budget ones, and the added features usually make cooking somewhat easier rather than directly improve the taste of your dishes. The quality of food stays pretty consistent in different models at different price points.

That being said, there are cheap ovens that are truly inferior regarding cooking performance, so you should avoid them.

3. Do convection toaster ovens heat up the surroundings?

By adopting a special technology that is convection, convection toaster ovens successfully tackle the problem that’s been plaguing conventional oven users: heat generated in the cooking process. 

A conventional oven usually produces heat while in use, and this heat is released to the surroundings, causing the whole space to rise up in temperature. This could be a real issue in the summer when the weather is hot and the sun is always shining. Fortunately, you can choose a convection toaster oven because it can function pretty much like a conventional oven without overheating your kitchen and your house.

4. Is it true that convection toaster ovens take less time to cook than conventional ovens?

With the same dish and the same proportion (that comfortably fits in both appliances), a convection toaster oven takes less time to cook. However, since toaster ovens are much smaller, they cannot handle large meals. Cooking time then no longer matters, because the toaster oven simply cannot operate like a conventional oven does.

5. Should I buy a convection toaster oven?

You’re the only one that can fully and comprehensively answer this question, because it totally depends on your situation and preference.

If your house has already had a conventional oven, skip the convection toaster oven and stick with what you’ve got. No need to invest in a new appliance that does almost the same work like what you’ve owned. Convection toaster ovens  are not essential for people who rarely consume roasted and broiled dishes either. What’s the point in buying something you don’t use?

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a helpful tool that allows you to toast, bake, roast, broil, but your space or budget don’t let you go all out with a traditional oven, or you don’t need to cook for a larger household, a convection toaster oven is a must-have.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the best convection toaster oven should be the one that you can afford and would make full use out of it. With that in mind, finding a suitable device is no longer an ordeal. 

To help you a bit more, below is the list of the superior convection toaster ovens that you can find at the moment. Look for the quality that you value most, and see the one that satisfies it.

We hope that this article has provided you with enough information to make your selection process a bit easier. Don’t forget to drop a comment to tell us which model suggested here is your favorite, and see you in our future posts!

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