About Us

Today, consumers' search behaviors on the internet have extremely changed. Homeer was established by a team of experts specializing in many fields. We hope to provide the most useful and latest information for users to reduce the amount of time and effort when searching for products.

Homeer.com was founded by Homeer Group, which owns many key products not only in the family but also in many fields of life. Homeer is known as the list of the best equipment and facilities, for example: Kitchen & Dining, Electronics, Furniture, Living... For busy people who want to save time and reduce the stress of finding the right product, the website is for you!.

Homeer tells you what's new in kitchen & dining as coffee, cookware, dining & entertaining, and kitchen appliances… Whatever you want - a coffee machine, microwave, or blender - we can make it easy for you to shop by offering the best one. It is also a data support tool for your online shopping research.

We use data collection technology to analyze and select the right products. This makes your online shopping simpler and faster. Our experts use Artificial Intelligent (AI) and Big Data from a variety of quality websites, famous newspapers as well as typical social networks to provide objective reviews as well as consumer reports. Via blogs, forums, articles, comments or reviews, we collect objective evaluations to give you the best product. 

Not only that, our selections are based on real-life interviews, robust reports and tests by leading research experts and scientists. We will present you with a list of the best products to choose. All we want is to help you have a great shopping experience.

We take pride in our adherence to strict standards and our many years of experience. In addition to the technologies used, our insights are drawn from interviews and data from the best editorial sources. Homeer’s team members always try their best to help users get the best product. 

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